The Most Eagerly Anticipated MMO Games Coming Soon

One cannot deny the power of the massive multiplayer online game and just how big at has become over the last decade. Whereas once, games were played by an individual, in a house, by themselves. In the early days, most were blessed if games had couch co-op and they could multiplayer, but that was often limited to a few games per console. Once playing online became a thing, the FPS shooter took over (and still holds high rank) for online games, with the MMORPG being right there with it. This birthed a love for online games that has only grown and grown over the years. What once was a small sub-genre of games is now a massive industry. So we ask what we ask every year around this time:

What MMO games are coming out that we should keep our eyes peeled for in the coming years? Read on the get the answers and glimpses into some of the best upcoming, online gems.


An MMORPG that the publishers ADMIT was inspired by the Game of Thrones lore, we cannot help but be excited to enter this world of intrigue, politics, back stabbing, and maybe even some hanky panky.

Even though this game was funded by Kickstarter, don’t use that to write it off before it even lands. A great many amazing games have been kickstarted by passionate people just like us. If Crowfall can even offer a tenth of what Game of Thrones does, it will still be a must-play.

Lost Ark

What really stands out about Lost Ark is rather than take the usual MMO feel, they are taking it back to the Diablo style (which we all still really love) and looking to be the closest thing we will get a new Diablo for a great while.

Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection | Switch Launch Trailer

Lost Ark has another cool hook where all areas in the game are available from the start. As most MMO players know, sections tend to unlock when you get to a certain level or attain a certain item and Lost Ark is just like:

Here is the entirety of our online world. Go explore it to your heart’s content.

That, alone, has a lot of online gamers itching to get their hands on this title.



Sea of Thieves

An online game where I am a pirate and the whole point of the game is to out-pirate other pirates? Pardon me if I get a little curt here, but about damn time! We know other devs have tried the pirate thing before and failed, Sea of Thieves has a nice buzz around it, cool visual style, and who the hell doesn’t love pirates?

Now the only question is will it be able to deliver on all its promises? From the looks of it, yes, but we are still holding out hope and waiting to reserve judgement until we plunder this title’s booty ourselves.

Camelot Unchained

A spiritual successor to the Dark Age of Camelot, the hopes for this one are mighty high as the fan base of the aforementioned title was quite large. this RVR game has some lofty goals, such as a PLAYER driven economy with no real money shops.

In other words, no rich gamer can pick up this game and pay to become the most powerful character. You have to earn it like everyone else playing this game, which is a nice change of the model. That is how you make an MMO. Buying into a powerful build early on has always been, pardon my French, bullsh*t.

Now this, this is how it’s done.

Tiger Knight

A MMO based on historically accurate battles of Han Dynasty (221-206 BC) meaning you won’t be playing just a fantasy game. You will be playing an online game based off real battles that real people killed and died in. It ups the ante of the online game quite a bit and adds a tone of seriousness that seems to be lacking in some other titles.

On top of that, MMO’s are not often lauded for how good they LOOK (because they often sacrifice looks for peak performance, which is understandable) Tiger Knight uses the Unreal 3 engine and look fantastic. this is the one a lot of true MMO gamers are drooling for, and one look at that trailer. who can blame them?

MMO games are a fantastic way to make friends across the globe that you can later keep in touch with via NobelCom.

So now the final question is, what MMO are YOU most looking forward to in 2017? Take to our comments and let us know!

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