It’s that time of the year again, when everyone and their mom seems to be caught up in the overly commercialized fever of the “Love Month”. We are not totally averse to Valentine’s Day, as you may very well know. We have posts such as the one about the Indiana Jones engagement ring. If, however, you are not feeling all too lovey dovey this month, don’t worry. There is no pressure to fall into the commercial trap from us!

In fact, today’s post just might make you appreciate flowers more than ever. Without the usual connotations that come with it. These flower pictures are the work of American photographer David Lachapelle, and while they might not be as geeky as the flowers Robin wrote about some time last year, they will certainly catch your eye and keep you hooked as well.

Lachapelle calls his work “Earth Laughs in Flowers”. Obviously, the photographs have flowers – all sorts – in focus, but it is the surrounding details that make the difference. And such a huge difference does the setups make!

Forget mushy and sloppy flower arrangements. Think vivid, dark, brilliant – all exploding in one image! Think cigarette butts, dismembered dolls, water guns, and ripe fruit that looks like the flavor is bursting out of them. Oh, and don’t forget the mobile phone and medication.

Lachapelle’s work is more than about the universal symbol of the month of February. It “explores the fragility of society and ideas of vice and vanity”. It might be difficult to internalize that concept without seeing the photos, but once you go through the gallery below, I trust that you will not walk away without getting the message.

Make sure to click on the thumbnails for the full Earth Laughs in Flowers experience.

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