An Easy Solution To Recover Deleted Video Game Files on the Computer

All gamers have been there atleast once and know exactly what I’m talking about when they read the title to this article. Maybe it’s something you pressed by mistake. Maybe it was the system, just getting jammed up and swallowing some very important data. There can be man variables to losing a saved file or a game file on a computer, but what do you do to get it back? Whereas once upon a time not long ago, you would need to curse under your breath a little bit and start a new game with a new save file you pray wouldn’t corrupt.


You can realize this has happened millions of times before and there are special sites  and programs and people in place to help you work out this exact problem now. In other words, losing a save file no longer necessarily means losing your progress.

It’s a wonderful time to be a geek, people.

Panic No More

I recall one instance of data loss from my gaming youth that drove me to the very brink of insanity. I had put 100 hours into Final Fantasy 7, beaten BOTH Ruby and Emerald weapon (after 2,000 attempts on each) and was fully powered up and heading to the final battle. Saved my game, shut it down to go have some dinner, and when I came back and booted my system up, my save file wasn’t there.

There are no words for the rage and sadness I felt in that moment. I know to some it is just a game but one hundred hours invested into anything is real grind time, and to lose that was a kick in the soul. Of Course, that was days of old and now there are tools at our disposal that make such fears almost immediately extinct.

Begone Cumbersome Memory Cards

Hahaha, I can still recall bringing my memory card from house to house so I could play my saves on other consoles, that shit was a hoot. But those archaic days of carrying our memory units in our hands are all but gone. Truth is, the main memory unit we use now is invisible and (allegedly) hanging in the sky overhead (Cloud for those confused).

To people who don’t think Cloud is magical, do you use it correctly? Save your stuff to it or ignore it because of all the public outcry and fear over it? Well, the truth is, fearing something that will improve your quality of life tenfold makes no sense.

Please, let me explain further….

Cloud Platform Changed Everything

People seem so split about the Cloud, with some fearing it will invade their privacy and some are just stoked that it there now, making sure nothing we save truly gets lost. A short term and simple solution to losing game files on consoles is to change your method of how you save your game. Most major couples have options for this now, with “save to cloud” being an option. Use it.

In such a case, even if something happened to your console itself, you can just retrieve the save data from the Cloud and bam, no harm, no foul. As ominous as a cloud always looming overhead can sound, rest assured, this is no storm cloud.

quite the opposite, actually.

Many Sources of Assistance Online

Another thing is, let’s say you lost your save data but are absolutely computer or technologically naive (of which many are, take no shame in it). Let’s say you lose a game save file or don’t even know how to use or access the cloud. What then? There is a great amount of file recovery software out there which is little in cost but sets you up with the arsenal of information and protection you need to keep all your save files in tact. They do the hard work for you so you can just keep the video game kill count in the high thousands.

Outside of that, you are a geek (if you are on this site, which you are) and that means you know other geeks, which means you know SOMEONE who can school in the ways of the Cloud so you realize it can be the safe haven us gamers have always prayed for when it comes to our saved games.

So as scary as the THOUGHT of losing data is now, it is slowly and surely becoming a worry of the past. We have so many options and things set up to keep this from happening that the likelihood of lost saves haunting future gamers seems to be going to way of the dinosaur.

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