El and Demogorgon’s first meeting at the ‘void’ led to the origin of Upside Down but a new theory suggests that it could be a bigger villain who was behind the ‘accidental meeting’ of the two.

There is no doubt that fans of Stranger Things are expecting a lot of unanswered questions to be finally resolved in season 5. One of the biggest mysteries of Stranger Things lore remains about the origin story of Upside Down and fans think that season 5 will finally reveal the connection between El and Demogorgon.

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Reddit theory claims that El and the Demogorgon did not meet by accident

The concept of El’s ‘void’ fascinated viewers in season 1 as it showed a mindscape where El could use her telekinetic power to connect with an object and feel its presence. In the process of spying on a specific object, El could also see their surroundings even though they were not actually present in the ‘void.’ But this changed suddenly in the scene when El makes contact with a mysterious animal she saw in the void i.e. Demogorgon leading to a bigger problem where El will be creating the Upside Down.

But was meeting Demogorgon at the void really an accident? A new fan theory suggests that it is actually Vecna who plotted the meeting between El and the Demogorgon to create an opportunity for Upside Down. The Redditor suggests: “While in Dimension X, Henry entered El’s mind and used his powers to put a Demogorgon within her Void. This was his way of contacting her and he knew that at some point, while in the Void, she would eventually find that Demogorgon and if she contacted it, she would end up creating the Upside Down/Echo of Hawkins and opening a “door” to the Right Side Up.”

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Brenner’s hidden agenda

While initially viewers were led to believe that Doctor Brenner made El spy on Soviet workers, later it was clear that Brenner knew about Vecna aka Henry or One, and expected the latter to find El through their psychic experiments.

A fan claims: “Brenner, knowing that both El and One have the power to make remote contact with other entities via their Mindscapes, hoped that by making El enter her Void in Remote Viewing experiments, there was a chance One would psychically reach out to her in case he was still alive and “hiding in the darkness.” Brenner wasn’t expecting Eleven to find One, he was expecting One to find El and contact her. Upon entering her Void, she would become aware of Henry’s contact and “respond” to it, establishing an inter-dimensional contact.”

So the void of El ensures that Vecna finds her and reaches out which will give Brenner an opportunity to learn more about the different universes.

How Dimension X and El’s Void are connected

Both El and Henry are capable of making remote contact. Dimension X is essentially “a strange new environment” that One would explore after he loses his fight with El. It’s a place with a “disrupted gravity field, floating asteroid-like fields in the sky.” Later we learned that Dimension X was the home of the Demogorgons and the swarming field of dark particles – that are a living organisms of their own – found by Henry during his exploration.

On the other hand, Void is a mind space of El where she goes to make remote contact with any object using her powers. Fans believe that Henry has the power to put objects in El’s void as both are capable of creating remote contact using telekinesis.

A user explains: “The S1 Demogorgon was almost like Henry’s test subject. Henry chose a Demogorgon in Dimension X and used his powers on it to put the creature’s psychic avatar in the Void, and it’s been wandering there since.”

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