Eleven from Stranger Things Liked My Idea of Her Starring in 'The Professional' Remake!

We all know Stranger Things is one of the best  things to happen to TV since Game of Thrones, and a big part of that has to do with the the young girl who played Eleven in the show. Her name is Millie Bobby Brown and you need to learn the name now, because this little woman is bound to take over Hollywood, and only the blind wouldn’t be able to see that right now (no offense to the blind people reading this in internet braille right now). That said, a good friend (holla Crit, though we both know that is not your  REAL name) said something to me while we were talking about the revelation that is Millie bobby Brown (shout out to Whitney Houston’s man-widow). Crit said to me, and I kind of quote:

Someone should remake ‘Leon: The Professional’ with Millie Bobby Brown in Natalie  Portman’s part and Tom Hardy as the titular character.

Watch this trailer, imagine what was just said, and TRY to argue how good of an idea it is. I know the movie itself is already perfect, but think of this remake idea as a cover of a song you love that you could potentially love JUST as much, if not more:

I sat there for a minute after he proposed the idea and could NOT argue it in any way. Tom Hardy is a force to be reckoned with (one of the best actors alive right now, no joke) and Millie definitely has a Natalie Portman vibe to her, resonating a presence twice her age and maturity thrice that. Then I realized, what do we do about Gary Oldman, whose villain who helped make original perfect? Then i saw it in my head as a vision: Bryan Cranston could bring back that Heisenberg beast mode and KILL that part, without a doubt! That is a movie I would see the crap out of!

So I thought, what the hell, I will tweet this at all these actors and see if they dig on it. Well, as you can see above, seems the little wonder really liked the idea (via Twitter) and that was enough to validate it in my eyes. Hollywood would be asinine to not be watching this girl’s every step right now and not jump on this. This girl is already a star. Now it’s time to show that on a bigger screen.

And to fuel this fire even more, my older bro threw a wrench into it the proverbial casting call. What if the Gary Oldman chief character was instead an insanely driven WOMAN who was portrayed by Lena Heady (best known right now as Queen Cersei on Game of Thrones, but look at her performance in Judge Dredd to see just how spot-on that call really is). Bam, holy crap. That is BEYOND perfect.

But Hollywood, I’m not stupid (anymore). I have had WAY TOO MANY incredibly solid ideas stolen by you all, so I do have some bad news. This was WAYYYY too good for me NOT buy the rights to, so I now own the rights to The Professional remake® HOPEFULLY ONE DAY SOON starring Millie Bobby Brown. Someone hit me up if you are interested, I already found the star! Well, she found us, really. That’s how shooting stars work.

(Remy side note: I totes did not buy the rights to the remake, but a man can dream big. Don’t take that from me.)

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