Enchanters of Legamoria for Board Game Enthusiasts

Who loves board games? We all grew up playing Monopoly, I suppose, but I am sure that board game enthusiasts can introduce us all to a wonderful world of board games beyond Monopoly. I only know a couple of people who have a passion for board games, but if you are one of them, you might be interested in Enchanters of Legamoria.

Enchanters of Legamoria

This board game is the baby of Matthew Copeland and makes use of elements of fantasy. It is described as a fantasy duelling game and is currently only a concept. The strategy game is based on the idea of defending your lands by summoning pieces to the board. Enchanters of Legamoria can accommodate 2, 4, or 6 players in one go. The board is shown up there, while a sample Plego is shown below.

Mountainland Plego

A Plego is a token which you use to battle with your opponents. Plegos can fall under these categories: Land, Playing Pieces, Modifiers and Spells.

Since the game is only a concept for now, Matthew hopes to actually become a real LEGO game. You can help him by checking out the Enchanters of Legamoria site, printing the pieces, and playing the game. You can also find the full instructions on the site. Additionally, if you like the game, you can show your support by going to LEGO CUUSOO, where the project is featured.

Board game enthusiast? Give a fellow fan a helping hand. Try out Enchanters of Legamoria!

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