Encryption And Beyond: Keeping Secrets Geek Style

Maybe you couldn’t keep the fact that you’re a geek a secret, but we’re sure you have other secrets worth keeping. There are some things you simply don’t want the world to know, whether it’s something stored on your computer or a precious collector’s item in your den. Mum’s the word as far as those are concerned, and take some steps to keep those secrets safe and sound.

Play It Safe Online

You online activities are your own business, but it’s fairly easy for others to retrieve online data about your personal life, dealings, and information that could compromise your personal privacy. For that reason, there are some important things you should remember when using the worldwide web.

For starters, learn how to encrypt a PDF file in your email. Maybe you’ve derived a list of game cheats intended for your buddy’s eyes only. You definitely don’t want that falling into the wrong hands as it travels the web. Make those precious documents unreadable by using encryption.

In addition, you’ll want to learn how to operate firewalls, avoid sending sensitive information through public Wi-Fi, guard your passwords fiendishly, prevent malware from downloaded files, and backup your critical data. This is your best bet against malicious hackers.

Lock Up Your Computer

There’s likely a file or two stored on your computer you wouldn’t want prying eyes to find. Well, if you have Windows, you can create a “hidden” folder, which will make it so only you can view the information stored there when you enter a password.

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Also, always keep your computer locked with a complex, difficult-to-guess password. Even if you leave the room for a moment, log out of your computer, just in case. That way your secrets stay totally safe.


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Smart Lock Your Home (and Practice Breaking In)

Want extra protection for your home? Consider installing a smart lock that can only be opened by using your smart phone. For example, the Lockitron Bolt is the latest and greatest in smart lock technology. Once the lock is installed, you can download the app to control the lock. You can’t lock it without your phone, so you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys again. You can also operate it from afar, in case you need to let the cleaning lady or a friend inside while you’re gone.

If you can’t afford one of these smart locks, but you’re tired of getting locked out when you forget your keys, try your hand at lock picking. One of the best ways to do so is to use a clear acrylic lock pick set that lets you see what you’re doing while you practice. This is one secret that could come really come in handy.

Hide in a Real Hobbit Hole

Preparing for the apocalypse? You’ll obviously need a real-life hobbit hole to hide in. This nifty secret can be built into the side of a hill, which gives you plenty of cover from people passing by. You can also camouflage the front to keep it extra hidden. Even if the world doesn’t end, it’s still pretty cool.

Guard Your Merchandise

Finally, keep those collector’s items safe from harm and theft by bringing in proper protection for each. For example, keep your Amiibos safe and sound in a nifty plastic box where you can put them on display without fear of damage or theft. This is just one of the many safeguards to keep your most precious secrets and possessions protected.


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