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Enjoy Avatar's return with these shirts

Avatar: The Last Airbender is enjoying its comeback thanks to Netflix. A new generation is being introduced to Aang and his gang (also known as The Gaang. Get it?) and it is a beautiful thing to see more quotes and memes of our favorite scenes.

But why stop there? Why not wear your love for The Gaang with these Avatar-themed shirts and items from One Upon A Tee?

First, let us start with shirts with the Avatar himself: Aang.

Shadow of Air

This image of Aang is closest to his form in the final battle against Fire Lord Ozai. Under the Avatar state, he’s about to dish some sick bending to deliver his unique brand of justice.

Soul of Aang

This shirt also shows Aang in the Avatar state, with the symbol of airbending and the color of the air nomads behind him.

Space Aang

Now this one is pretty cool especially if you can imagine this scene in a dark moonless sky with nothing but the starts to see, and Aang suddenly taps into the powers of Avatars before him.

Retro Airbender

This one does bring on the retro vibe. Feels like Aang is about to show off some airbender forms on the disco dancefloor. doesn’t it?

But what about the rest of The Gaang? We got that covered too. Not that you can also put these designs on anything else aside from shirts, like prints, pillows, and phone cases.

Soul of the Water

Enjoy this print of a waterbending Katara against the blue backdrop of the Water Tribe’s color.

Earth Elemental

Blind Bandit Toph may not see how green may or may not suit her, but this cool graphic of her in front of an electrifying earthbending symbol somehow makes you feel the vibrations through your feet.

The Fire Bender

The Fire Nation’s prince is burning hot (in a good way) in this design. Although Zuko’s scar is not evident, the rest works well.

Soul of the Boomerang

Last but not the least is Sokka. He may not be bending any element, but his boomerang can sure make a damn curve. If Sokka’s image is mostly funny, this design makes him look cool.

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