Episode 3: A Good Story, Badly Told

I just saw Episode 3 today (yes I know, I’m very late) and I was sort of surprised and disappointed at the same time when it ended.

I looked back at this prelude trilogy as a whole, compared it with the original one and saw easily why many dislike or even hate what George Lucas did with the story. Let’s forget about the movie for a second, and look back at the story. If you think of this new trilogy as a love story, and the story of Darth Vader, I think it’s well achieved, script-wise. Unfortunately, things  really look better in the paper…

This new movie lacked good scenes, a less confusing script (at one part, I was more confused than Anakin was about his own feelings), the way they demonstrated how messed up Anakin’s emotions was unconvincing and frankly, most of the actors did a really poor job. Over the movie, the only characters that seemed the very least palpable were Obi Wan and Padme, some scenes felt weird and misplaced or misinterpreted such as when Anakin rises with his mechanical suit and shouts “no…”, or back when he was about to pledge alliance to Darth Sidious. Even the cameos of some characters from the originals can’t make up for it, specially when they just bent the story just to put Chewbacca in it.

Looking back at the trilogy as a whole, I think that what it missed was a less political approach, sure most of the Star Wars fans are now adults, but all the movies were divided between boring dialogues about politics or mindless action sequences with thousands of animated characters and the occasional light-sabers duel. They could have done much better, they could have focused a bit of Episode II in showing Anakin being taught to become a Jedi instead of having him and Obi Wan doing a wild-goose chase in the beginning. In Episode I they could have told plenty more things instead of just a continuous domino of dialogues and computer graphic scenarios.

Bottom line: A good story, badly told. Little more can be said of this trilogy, well little more good from my mouth.

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