Escape from Tarkov is attracting more and more players. It has already been ranked as the 9th most popular game on Twitch. Whether you decided to join the streamer community or merely want to test your skills in the arena, you need to learn the game specifics before becoming a pro.

Here are some useful tips that will help you improve as a novice player.

Don’t Underestimate the Offline Mode

Although it’s much more fun to play with real opponents online, the offline mode has a lot to offer for beginners. First of all, it’s a great chance to practice without the risk of actual loss. Even if you die or disconnect, it won’t affect your profile when you return to the main menu. At the same time, you have a lot of time to practice the commands, get to grips with the gameplay, and find appropriate weapons that work well for you.

Know How to Loot

Strategic looting is an important factor in terms of your in-game performance. Along with such basics as a vest, helmet, and backpack, you need to stock up with meds and weapons. Don’t leave such items as lemonade or chocolate. You can trade them later and get a more precious staff.

One important hint: find the weapon that works well for you and try to find it during a raid. Escape from Tarkov offers a wide variety of them, from knives and guns to AR rifles. The machine gun performance highly varies depending on the equipped attachments.

Here you must consider the specific stats of your chosen weapon. A good option for a beginner is the AKM, which boasts strong ammo and two firing modes (auto and single). However, if you aren’t good at managing recoil, try the ADAR 2-15.

As for the best places to loot, you should go for enemies’ inventories. They are likely to contain the majority of what you need. You should also try checking green boxes for military loot.

Store Valuable Resources in Your Safe Container

It’s advisable to store more valuable resources in your safe container. Many players keep their meds there. However, this isn’t always a winning tactic, as meds are relatively cheap compared to other resources. Therefore, you need to manage it wisely to prevent having to spend too much after you die.

Be aware of how much space you have. Items take up a different number of slots in the container. So, it’s better to categorize them in other ways too. For instance, condensed milk costs about 18k rubles and takes up one slot, while a 23k power supply requires four slots.

Go for Scav Runs

Scav runs are beneficial for beginners because they can help players save money on gear. You can get even valuable gear from scavs without risking yours. Novice players like it, as AI-powered scavs don’t attack until a user fires at them. So, it’s better to kill them only if they seem to have precious loot. However, don’t act recklessly. It’s better to eliminate a scav fast with a headshot.

Master One Map

Knowing the map gives you an advantage over enemies. As a beginner, it’s better to focus on a single map. This way, you can work out tactics properly, which is sometimes more important for victory than outstanding fighting skills.

After all, Tarkov is a highly-strategic game. You have to learn where to hide in order to have proper visibility over the map and deal more serious damage (preferably in a vital organ like a head).

Try starting your journey in the game with the Customs map. Here are some useful tips:

  • Stay away from the gas station or the dorms during the first half of the round. These are places where pros farm the scav boss.
  • Move to the dorms in the late game. The majority of the quests are there. By the way, you may be lucky enough to find all the locked doors opened.
  • Extracts with question marks beside are a lot less likely to be camped. They display a visual clue to indicate that they are available. For example, a bright floodlight for RUAF, or a campfire for the smugglers boat extract.

Use Key Binds

They are more useful than they may seem.  For example, hold CTRL and click on an item to move it instantly. This lets you move it to the 1st open slot on the character and vice versa. This is helpful for speedy looting. ALT + click automatically equips guns, backpacks, armor, etc.

To save your life, bind meds to hotkeys. This will reduce the time you take to use them. This is a vital technique, especially in life-threatening conditions.

Protect Yourself

Health protection is one of the main priorities for a beginner. Novice players lack good knowledge of the map; therefore, they are more exposed to attacks. An important point about Escape from Tarkov is that it includes a sophisticated hit detection system. In other words, the damage differs depending on the ammo, protection (a vest or helmet), and the exact body part which is hit.

Armor class significantly determines the damage. Levels one to three are sufficient for the majority of scav attacks. However, they won’t help against real opponents with strong ammo. Here, you will need to go for ammo at levels 4-6, which is much more costly.

It’s advisable to stock up on all types of meds:

  • A surgical kit or CMS for overall health
  • A splint to deal with bone fractures
  • Bandages to prevent blood loss
  • Painkillers to reduce pain through hits

These tips will help you get to grips with the game and survive longer, gaining practical experience in the process. Many of them are relevant even for pro players. May the odds be in your favor!

Of course, that’s not the easiest game and you may have some difficulties.  In case you need help with it,  you can purchase Tarkov Boost.

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