Essential iPhone Apps for the Geek On-the-Go

With the plethora of iPhone apps available, with more being created every day, it is easy to find your device cluttered with unused apps, eating up precious storage space. You probably have some default apps, but if you’re looking for new apps which you will actually use when you’re out and about, we’ve done the dirty work.

In this post we’ve prepared a collection of 10 essential iPhone apps for the geek on-the-go, which are useful, entertaining and easy-to-use. So while searching for latest iPhone updates, iOS features & iPhone accessories like armbands, iPhone 6 cases, headphones, etc., you can have a look at following collection of iPhone apps.


Having trouble keeping track of your schedule? Being missing too many appointments and tasks lately? 2Do is the iPhone app that can help you get over this problem. Create a daily schedule and get instant notifications when you have a planned appointment. You can also sync your 2Do assignments with your Toodledo profile.


Webmasters often rely on mobile applications to provide them with reliable insights about their website’s performance. If you are looking for a neat iPhone app for this exact purpose, then give Ego a try. Thanks to its sleek and easy-to-use interface you’ll quickly receive important information about coming from Google Analytics, as well as Twitter, Feedburner and Squarespace.


There aren’t many news-related apps in this collection, but if you are looking for one, then ProPublica must be your choice. This light application features a rich set of options that allow you to get news from a wide range of websites, including RSS and Twitter.


Fan of reading books? Why don’t you give audiobooks a try – we are sure that many of you will fall in love with this type of entertainment. Audible is one of the most favored applications by iPhone users, because it gives them access to a rich library of great audiobooks that you can listen to at any time thanks to your smartphone.


If the iPhone’s stock camera app isn’t enough to match your needs, then third-party camera software such as Pano is something you’ll instantly adore. Pano is a piece of iOS software meant for shooting great panoramas whose quality can be enhanced by using a wide range of filters, effects and automatic correctors.


If you enjoy going around the shops on a daily basis, then RedLaser is an app that will certainly make your lie a lot easier. It is one of the most effective barcode scanners available for the iPhone, so you can quickly compare prices, find products in stores near your location and much more.

Where To?

The regular GPS applications usually don’t tell you much about the place you are planning to visit. However, thanks to “Where To?” you can quickly use your iPhone to find places like shops, restaurants and other places of interest near your location. Many iPhone users consider ‘Where To’ to be one of the best companions to popular GPS software.


Do you often listen to music through your iPhone? However, is your internal storage enough to store all your music, videos and photos? If you are having trouble finding space for your favorite artists, then give Pandora a try. This simple and light application works as a radio station that creates unique playlists based on your criteria, and then streams them directly to your device, using no storage space at all. Keep in mind that a good internet connection is recommended if you plan on using this app often.

Boxee Remote

How cool would it be to be able to control your PC through your iPhone? You’ll be glad that this is possible thanks to a neat little app called Boxee Remote. It is available for Windows, Android, iOS, Linux and AppleTV. You just install it, pair it with your mobile device and then choose between the two sets of controls – gesture mode or straight arrow mode.

Star Wars: Galactic Defense

Last, but not least – one for the gamers. If you are a fan of Star Wars and you think there is always space – and time – for another tower defense game, then Star Wars: Galactic Defense should be installed on your phone. It’s free to play with in-app purchases.

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