Eve: Trinity Release in Early December

By Dave

I have been playing EVE Online, a space based MMORPG, on and off for nearly the last two years, but nothing excites me more than the upcoming Trinity release. The release will include graphical updates to all of the more than 500 ships which have been redone from scratch.

Trinity will also feature some new content and item releases, including twenty new ships, which is really five ships per race, but still a welcome addition.

Another major part of the announcement is that Eve Voice, the in-game voice communication system, will become free to use. This makes sense to me as most groups on Eve are already using one of the many other free pieces of software that allow voice communication like Ventrillo and TeamSpeak.

Even better news for people that play the game is the server enhancements that CCP, the company responsible for EVE Online, are working on. It includes one of Europes biggest supercomputers in hopes of eliminating lag in the most popular areas like Jita, a popular trade hub.

A long talked about feature, the Ambulation Project, was mentioned once again, and it seems not only will we be able to leave our ships and walk around the massive space stations using human avatars, but also we will be able to create and manage bars, clothing stores, and even plastic surgeries.

Subscriptions for the game, which have been rising by around 80 per cent every year since launch, recently hit over 195,000, with player concurrency records being set on a weekly basis and the latest was over 37,000. I highly recommend this game if you are looking for a space based MMO. It is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I enjoy it.

If you are looking for a friend on the game, hit up Daray II, as that is me.

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