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Pokemon NO: Why Pokémon Go's Biggest Fans Are Turning Against Now

Patricia Hernandez put together a nice little article over at Kotaku about the recent Pokemon Go backlash that has fans of the app blowing more steam than a (name any Pokemon with steam attack here). Allow me to take a long story and condense it a bit for you.

When it launched, Pokemon Go had a “steps” feature above your nearby Pokemon’s pics. One step meant close, two steps meant further, three steps meant these were the Pokemon that were furthest away from you. It was actually incredibly useful if you were deep into the game and hunting specific Pokemon types for your Go collection. Well guess what?

The steps are gone now, replaced by this:


Oh, such fun!

All these Pokemon could be in in any direction and I need one specifically. Awesome, I am an adult, let me just take two hours out of my day to find this high level Drowzee. Ooops. I left my baby in the car with the windows up and now it’s dead. I know that isn’t funny but it is the exact type of thing that will happen now. Well, that might be an extreme example, but even the sites that have been put up to help people hunt particular types are being taken down, taking a great deal of fun out of this Pokemon  treasure hunt.

If I wanted to walk around my city blindly, I would take meth like all the other residents. The fun of Go was the fact that it kind of showed us where to go and half the fun was getting there. Now it is like a mother Eagle just tossing her baby from the nest hoping the little tard knows how to fly.

Screw that, app deleted. Pokemon No. I knew the fine print would pop up soon, and it’s only gonna get worse from here. 100 bucks says they end up adding “steps” to in-game purchases. Weak move, Nintendo. Move, ineffective.

Game over, man. Game over.

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