Every Image From the Opening of The Big Bang Theory

I don’t know about you, but I definitely felt the absence of The Big Bang Theory last week. True, I was away and couldn’t have watched the show if they had aired anyway, but I still felt off not having my weekly TBBT fix. Luckily for me – and every other TBBT addict enthusiast out there – some guy didn’t have an Internet connection for a week and didn’t have anything else to do. ((Reddit user dbz253))

Tell me honestly – do you sit through the intro of the show every time you watch it or do you skip the intro? Here’s my confession for the week – I sit through it every single time and I even try to sing along. (Yup, I have been told one time too often that I watch TBBT too much.)

In any case, for those of you who have enough time on your hands and are detail-oriented enough, here is a compilation of every single image in the intro section of TBBT. Believe it or not, there are 111 images shown in that seemingly short span of time! It took the guy 2 hours to put this thing together. Unfortunately, the entire image is too large to show in the post, so I just got a snippet. If you click on the image below, though, you can view the whole thing.

I stumbled upon another set of images, wherein the intro of TBBT is dissected. It was done by Harald Kraft ((Harald Kraft)) about a year ago. The post is more detailed and each image is taken separately, but there are only 109 images included. Here is a sampling of what awaits you.

You might have already figured it out, but this is Christopher Columbus.

This one is Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii.

This is radiolaria, which is a kind of protozoa. ((Wikipedia))

Tell me that isn’t worthwhile reading!

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