Everything Old Is New Again

All you can do is step back in time!

On the eve of San Diego Comic Con, which is the equivalent to Christmas for any die-hard fan, we are all waiting with baited breath to see just what goodies will be revealed. Not just through the carefully composed press releases, but from those valuable moments in the panels where the creators are put on the spot by their eager fans.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the tragedy that hangs over this year’s event, with the unfortunate death of a woman who had camped out from the last Sunday for the Twilight line, who was knocked over and killed yesterday. ForeverGeek sends our condolences to the family and friends of Gisela Gagliardi.

In honour of this dedicated fan, a 53-year-old accountant from New York, it is endemic that all involved work to make this the best Comic Con yet. And of course, Marvel took the initiative to announce prior to the Con some details about their (not really a) relaunch with the announcement that the original five X-Men will be coming forward in time to see just what a mess their adult selves have made of the world, in the wake of the current Avengers Versus the X-Men event.

I both love and hate the idea all at the same time. If done well, which I assume it will be, this has the potential to be brilliant. Yet if these youngsters are reacting to ramifications of their (no longer) future lives, then I fail to see how this will streamline the continuity for new readers, although it will serve as a convenient vehicle to rehash the important parts of X-Men continuity over the years. I can see the appeal of reintroducing the younger incarnations, and this whole being trapped in the future gives the characters a new impetus, and is the complete reverse of X-Men tradition with its steady parade of characters coming back from the future to save the past.

I wonder how a teenage Jean Grey will react to a daughter (that she never had) who is at least ten years older than her?

Hopefully more will be revealed over the next few days, but we all know how easily a time travel story can go astray, keeping its loyal fans but becoming impenetrable to new readers. Do you remember the fourth series of the Legion Of Super-Heroes? Known as the Five Years Later or Five Years Gap series, it was awash with timeline rewrites and chronal duplicates, and was finally all washed away in the Zero Hour event, which to be honest, made a lot of sense, both thematically and commercially. Yet in the recent few years now the Legion is cool again, its like the entire episode has been swept under the carpet, which is a shame. It was a very good series, which I highly recommend you dig out. But nobody ever talks about it anymore.

This had to be the most mind-bending time travel story, no matter what other sites may list as the classics. However, it only takes one slip of the pen to make this new X-Men project twice as dense, causing not a fresh approachable property, but a vehicle that will maintain an ever-reducing core of fans.

If, like me, you want to be at the Con but cannot attend, then maybe you should think about volunteering next year. You can experience life as a volunteer via this blog, the story of a lucky fan who achieved such a post this year. Sit back, and try to suppress any pangs of envy.

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