Evil Dead Themed iOS Games While We Wait for the Movie Remake

Fans of the Evil Dead franchise may have heard of a remake of the 1981 cult classic. It’s the one franchise that made Bruce Campbell famous playing the chainsaw armed Ash and Sam Raimi as director (unfortunately he went on to direct other things like the flop that was Spider Man). So it has come to this: one of the defining pillars of geekdom is being remade after 30 years. Think about it, geeks: Army of Darkness is really just as old as the NASA Space Shuttle Program.

So, while we wait for the remake of Ash’s time warp into the medieval era, it might not be a coincidence that the Evil Dead franchise has subcontracted game developers to build two iOS games for both the iPad and iPhone. As to whether the game was initiated by .. err .. MGM or the devs, I have no idea.

Army of Darkness Defense

I’ve already reviewed this in a previous post. It’s one of those games that you WON”T end up deleting after letting it tease you for 5 minutes. This is one of my iPad staples.

When I first reviewed the app, I had just acquired archer support. Now, I’m well into my 40’s and have unlocked the hero, Arthur. Army of Darkness Defense is pretty straightforward — you run back and forth killing Deadites and you can get a level done in less than 5 minutes. That’s pretty much how we roll.

Download here (STILL FREE)

Now if you’re looking for a little bit more RPG, you might want to consider Evil Dead, the mother franchise of Army of Darkness.

The Evil Dead HD

Updated recently, Evil Dead is a top down action shooter that’s got more story in it that AoD. You basically re-enact the movie starring Bruce Campbell from a not-so-quite bird’s eye view. The premise is pretty simple: in each level, you have to guide Ash through pathways to reach a certain objective while picking up weapons and mowing down enemies.

It’s a dungeon crawler, ladies and gents, with controls that are a bit off and well … the game really doesn’t feel as polished as AoD. Remember playing an old retro favorite called Alone in the Dark? Well that’s how the 3D polygons look like. It’s a tad disappointing as aiming my boom stick is pretty screwed up and I can plow through my ammo without actually hitting anything.

Download here (STILL FREE)

All in all, if you’re a huge fan of the Evil Dead series, both these games are worth getting — simply because they’re FREE for a limited time only. AoD trumps Evil Dead but Deadites are Deadites and if mowing them down with your chainsaw is something you fancy, then by all means grab both!

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