eXeem - Suprnova.org successor?

After a few days of having a teaser on their site, Suprnova’s Sloncek did an interview with NovaStream.org about a new P2P app and network called eXeem that will be released for download in a couple of weeks. It’s being developed by a new, unnamed company, which asked Sloncek to be a representative for them.

It will be Windows only, with no Mac or Linux versions planned at this time. It will be ad supported, and not just banner ads either. It will be full of adware, most of which you can opt out of, according to Sloncek. Some of the less intrusive ones will be required for the application to function though.

Apparently eXeem is based off of BitTorrent, but is different enough that it can’t be called a BitTorrent client, and I assume it won’t be compatible with BitTorrents either.

The application will be downloadable from “eXeem.com”:http://www.exeem.com/ in a couple of weeks.

I’m a bit disappointed by this announcement myself… Mainly because of the lack of a Mac or Linux version and the ad-supported nature of it. That’s why I stopped using Kazaa years ago. And not with most of the Torrent sites apparently shutting down, it’s getting pretty hard to find a good torrent resource. I guess I’ll just have to start recording my favorite TV shows or something. How 1990’s.

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