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Add Another Comic Book Series to Your Reading List With Exlibrium English Version

Last week, we discovered a new comic book line by Double Take (if you haven’t seen it, take a look here). This week, we got a tip about another comic book series.

You might actually have heard of it as it’s one of the biggest comic books in Russia: Exlibrium by BUBBLE Comics. Founded in 2011, the publisher is also known for other titles such as Demonslayer, Major Grom, Red Fury, Friar, and Meteora; and, if you like your comics any which way, I bet you can tell me all about these titles.

If not, then you might want to expand your reading habits with Exlibrium, which has received high praises from the community. The thing is, the series is in Russian (well, duh), and only the first issue is in English. (Get it free here.)

So how do we get to discover the world of Lilia Romanova, the protagonist of the story, if we don’t read Russian?

By supporting the Kickstarter campaign for the Exlibrium English Version. Before you shrug it off, I urge you to read the first issue (link above). If you don’t feel like it, here is a description and some illustrations that will give you an idea of what it’s like.

Lilia Romanova is an ordinary Moscow teenager who is fond of books, movies, videogames and is trying to enter the university after school. But soon her life drastically changes when Lilia meets the book characters who have escaped from books into our world. Lilia unveils the secrets of the mysterious bookwizard order whose members have been trying to hold the balance between book worlds and our reality.

Tell me that doesn’t pique your curiosity. Here’s a sample page.

Ready to read the entire issue yet?

Exlibrium has received praises from respected members of the geek community such as Den of Geek, and by the looks of it, the comic book series will appeal to a wide English-speaking audience as well.

If you want to make the English version a reality (you’ll be doing yourself and other comic book lovers a favor), visit their Kickstarter campaign page. Oh, and if you pledge $5,000, you get the added perk of going to Russia, discovering all it has to offer, plus comic con!

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