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SDCC 2019 - The Boys, The Expanse, and Carnival Row from Amazon

For those of you not lucky enough to experience the 50th anniversary of San Diego Comic-Con and everything it had to offer, you missed a lot. Even those with tickets had a tough time getting into the Amazon Prime Video Experience, which included activations from 3 of their new series – The Boys, Carnival Row, and The Expanse – down the street from the convention center.

But the good news is that we’ve saved you the trouble of traveling from wherever you live, paying thousands for a hotel room, getting a ticket, and standing in line for hours! Below is a quick overview of everything the Amazing Prime Video Experience activations had to offer and each of the full, nearly uncut (and in the case of The Boys, very uncensored) adventures available to the public. To be honest, though, these are just my experiences. Depending on where you were, which characters you interacted with, and the choices you made (like in Carnival Row, if you chose to be human or creature), your experience was completely different from the person next to you. The only bits that were cut were lulls as we waited to move to the next area. Everything else is exactly as I experienced it.

And, yes, it looks like everyone in the group is obnoxiously filming the experience, just as I am. That’s because this was during an early press preview. It’s what we do. So click below to experience these new series in a way that can only happen at San Diego Comic-Con!


We are suddenly thrown into the aftermath of a crime scene, moments before the police or the supers arrive. Can we help the vigilante anti-superhero crew figure out what happened and destroy the evidence before the “good guys” arrive? Should we?

THE BOYS premieres on Amazon Prime Video July 26th.
Official Trailer:


We’ve been recruited to join a UN peacekeeping a mission on a newly colonized planet. But when we arrive, not everything is as it seems. People aren’t happy. Do we listen to the oppressed and rise up against the crew or do we quell the resistance, possibly with lethal force? Or is it already too late to choose a side?

THE EXPANSE season 4 (rescued from Syfy’s cancellation last year) premieres on Amazon Prime Video December 13th.
Official Trailer:


After choosing to identify as a human or a creature, we’re welcomed (or in the case of the creatures, not very welcomed) into a Victorian era marketplace to meet some curious looking denizens who aren’t exactly on good terms with the local police. And that’s just the start. Wait until we’re ushered into a secret nightclub for the creatures of the night, where they go to find safety and pleasure – or so they think…

CARNIVAL ROW premieres on Amazon Prime Video August 30th.

ADDED 8/6 – The Official Carnival Row Trailer!

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