Eye Candy for the Week: Wonder Woman Fan Art

Wonder Woman has always been a difficult character to pin down. One the one hand, some say that she’s the epitome of a feminist. She’s an Amazonian princess after all. On the other hand, she does have that soft-hearted side, and after being exposed to the world, she doesn’t seem to have that strong hatred of men.

That being said, Wonder Woman is probably the superhero closest to my heart. I think she got me with her lasso of truth.

And if you have an affinity for her character as well, then it’s your lucky day. Here are some of the best Wonder Woman fan art I’ve found online. Enjoy!

Wonder Woman fan art

Wonder Woman by Robert-Shane

Truth be told, I am not sure about the face, but the colors and the shiny I can’t ignore. And those muscles!

Wonder Woman by Bill Sienkiewicz

A mixture of muted colors and glitter, this piece of art is nothing short of genius. And those eyes!

“Dark” Wonder Woman

I think it’s safe to say that we’re used to Wonder Woman showing skin, but this darkish piece of Wonder Woman fan art still makes her look great, even covered up. I really do like her top, don’t you?

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

This piece is by David Paget, who says this about this particular piece:
Previously, I ‘cast’ Gina Carano as Wonder Woman because I thought she’d be a good fit. Warner Bros didn’t accept my proposal (their choice I guess…) and cast Gal Gadot – instead. However, I think Gadot is an interesting pick, and I’m really excited to see what she does with the role.

Wild West Wonder Woman

If I were to imagine Wonder Woman in the Wild West, this is probably what she’d look like. And yes, the lasso of truth does take on a nice, rough turn. Forget the nose, though.

Wonder Woman by Joe Jusko

What can I say? This almost takes my breath away. It almost seems simplistic, and yet evokes a poignant feeling somehow.

Wonder Woman Pencil

You can’t get any simpler than this pencil sketch, but the lines are wonderful, and I think the artist did a great job with her hair and face.

Wonder Woman with Batwoman

This post is all about Wonder Woman fan art, but I just had to include this piece even though Batwoman is included. Simple, but in your face lines and colors. This would be an awesome poster.

Wonder Woman Pin-up

Rainbows and unicorn farts may be the last thing you associate with Wonder Woman, not to mention pin-up girls, but you have to admit this makes for a cheerful piece of work.

Wonder Woman Art Card

Here’s another colorful piece of Wonder Woman fan art, and it’s actually a part of series DC Comics Justice League art cards by deviantARTist kevinbolk.

So what do you think of the artwork? Do they do Wonder Woman justice? Which one do you like most?

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