Fallout Monopoly

Monopoly. Who has not spent hours and hours manipulating his way around this classic board game? I know my sister and I have had one serious spat too many while playing the game as children and young adults. There is just something about the entire experience that brings out the competitive edge in people I guess. Yesterday, I came across what is perhaps the coolest Monopoly edition ever – Klingon Monopoly. Then again, if you are not into Star Trek (befuddling a concept it may be, I guess it’s totally possible), Klingon Monopoly probably doesn’t excite you. If, however, you are a gamer, here’s another Monopoly board that will certainly impress you: Fallout Monopoly.

Unlike the Klingon version, Fallout Monopoly is not an official product. In fact, it was created by a private individual who goes by the name PinkAxolotl on deviantART. ((PinkAxolotl)) She created the entire thing for one lucky guy: her boyfriend, who I presume is a Fallout fan. One look at this image below, and I am pretty sure the boyfriend will be ecstatic.

Fallout Monopoly

PinkAxolotl really put a lot of work into her Fallout Monopoly creation – something that any observer will not fail to notice. Take a look at the entire board.

Fallout Monopoly Board

The material used for the board is a PVC plate, 50 x 50 cm in area. As you may already have deduced, the streets/locations in the board are from Fallout. The GO and Free Parking spots have also been changed with Fallout references – G.O.A.T. and the Please Standby screen.

Fallout Monopoly doesn’t stop with the board, though. The cards used for the game were custom-made as well. Each card has a Fallout New Vegas or Fallout 3 perk printed on it. Here’s the set of red cards.

Fallout Monopoly Red Cards

And here’s the set of blue cards.

Fallout Monopoly Blue Cards

Believe it or not, many of images used in the project are actually stockphotos.

Well, there’s one lucky boyfriend who is now the envy of all other boyfriends out there who are Fallout/Monopoly fans.

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