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Don't Explore The Wasteland Without This Fallout Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI

War, war never changes. For that matter, we must always be ready for the inevitable. After all, we have already been served a vision of the harsh aftermaths of nuclear war in many films and games, especially the Fallout franchise. That’s why preparation is key– you don’t want to get caught in the middle of the irradiated wasteland with your pants down. That’s why this Fallout Pip-Boy 2000 will be the key to your survival.

The Fallout Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI pretty much everything a Vault-dweller needs to traverse the violent and lawless wasteland after stepping out of the safety of Vaults. No, this is not just a mere toy or something to complete your San Diego Comic-Con look. The Fallout Pip-Boy 2000 is a fully functioning mini-computer wrapped around your wrists!

It comes in a bright red lockbox in a state of disassembly but it’s surely nothing you can’t handle as a seasoned wasteland survivalist. The instructions are safely tucked inside the box, safe from the raiders and mutants.

The gadget is a fully-accurate replica of what Vault-Tec made in the Fallout games– plastic and metal parts included!

Once you’ve built your first Fallout Pip-Boy 2000, you are now ready to set out into the nuclear wastes to save the world… whatever remains of it. In case you need more instructions, the construction kit lockbox also comes with a mock cassette tape you that you can load inside the gadget and play like a mock recording or customize later on to fully incorporate electronic parts.

Also, you’re in luck Vault-dweller! The Fallout Pip-Boy 2000 MK VI is currently on sale. From 170 bottle caps USD, it has gone down to $121 only.

Don’t wait for another nuclear war to happen. Grab the Pip-Boy MK VI while it’s hot… as in, hot hot, not radioactive hot.

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