Fallout 3 demonstration

Mike Fahey from Kotaku, recently had a chance to see a live Demo of the upcoming Fallout 3 game. From what he saw, the game starts off pretty much in the same way that the first two did. Without giving away too many details, once you reach a certain age and go through some training, you finally start to roam the ugly and incredibly detailed world of Fallout.

There are, at the moment 9 endings planned for the game, but Bethesda might make a few more. And during the demo people already had the chance to witness one of those story-changing decisions, in which you had to decide whether you’d nuke a town, to gain access to the next one, or “save” the town, and try to unlock more quests in it.

What did Fahey think of it?

Bethesda is crafting a beautifully ugly world rife with the unique Fallout feel and flavor that the series is known for, while bringing into the next-generation with both boots firmly planted. While it might not be what many fans of the franchise wanted, it’s shaping up to be the best Fallout experience it can be.

If you’d like to know a few more details about the story, or the gameplay, check the original article, but be warned that there are some small spoilers.

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