Vanity plates are always in demand, and depending where you are, it may be difficult to get them. While many choose vanity plates that cater to their vanity (d’oh), we geeks would go for something that show off our passion – loud and proud.

I, for one, wouldn’t mind a River Song plate. I’d take Don’t Blink any day, too.

There are, however, existing fictional license plates that will probably be the choice of many a geek. Many of those fictional license plates have become icons, making them some of the most wanted vanity plates.

I bet you’re already thinking of at least one.

We’ll give you more, though.

Here’s an infographic showing some of the most famous fictional license plates in the history of mankind. From Knight Rider to The Ghostbusters to Back to the Future – no need to mention the license plates right now, yeah? – these plates immediately evoke geeky nostalgia.

I’ll let the graphic show you the way.

famous fictional license plates


So which would you pay an arm and a leg to get?

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