How often have you watched a television show only to find you’ve become a bit distracted by the decor? Everyone on television seems to just have an iconic home – from the gothic glamour of the Spellman Mortuary to the swinging 60s aesthetic of Don Draper’s New York apartment. Even homes that are supposed to be downtrodden have a certain air of quirky charm about them. It makes sense that television homes would be so stylized though. Shows often use television to help tell us more about our favorite characters, and the world they live in so they need to make a statement. That doesn’t stop us feeling a little envious though and itching to break out the paint.

How do all of our favorite characters get such incredible homes though? You never see characters on television desperately trying to find the right duvet set or trawling through boot sales to find some quirky, vintage art! They must have a secret interior designer that’s kept hidden away from the cameras. Luckily, we can take some inspiration and guidance from our favorite TV homes to prepare our very own Netflix-worthy home makeovers.

That’s why Express Doors came up with these inspiration mood boards based on Netflix’s most popular, and stylish, shows. These mood boards give you everything you need to make your home television-worthy. As well as furniture ideas, there are aptly-named color palettes to build a color scheme around. You can use these to start building plans for your own 80s-chic Stranger Things living room, or better yet, dungeons & dragons game room. Or perhaps you prefer the slightly ominous yet unmistakably stylish 50s designs of Ratched.

You could even create your very own crossover episode. The Queen’s Gambit meets Sweetooth, anyone? Which design do you wish you could have in your home?

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