Fandom Friday: 10 Funny Harry Potter Memes for Potterheads

How many times have you seen ALL of the Harry Potter movies? If you haven’t done a marathon in the past six months, then perhaps it’s time to schedule one now with your fellow Potterheads.

Of course, that will take some time – coordinating schedules, preparing nachos and dip, getting everyone’s preferred drinks, and making sure everyone will have a comfy spot. While you do all that, here’s something to give you a good laugh.

There’s no lack of funny Harry Potter memes. They come in all forms and sizes, but we’ve spent quite some time looking for the ones that are sure to crack you up. (Maybe a little longer than we had to – it’s easy to get lost in time.)

So, here you go – 10 funny Harry Potter memes. If you want more, let us know, and we’ll gladly oblige.

Teehee. How big is your chamber?

And this, boys and girls, is why we all want to go to Hogwarts.

Now for some Snape sniping.

Can’t blame the guy, can you?

And he’s got good taste in liquor, too.

Of course there’s a Harry Potter yo momma joke…

And rage comics…

And my favorite – a Game of Thrones mashup.

For good measure, let’s throw in a video. We can’t NOT have Draco after all.

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