Fandom Friday: 11 Funny LoTR Memes

The Lord of the Rings has definitely one of the biggest followings in the fantasy genre. Many a teenager remember their young days burying their noses in the books, smelling that particular aroma that only paper can emit. Yeah, no Kindles or book readers back then…

With the movies, the Lord of the Rings became even more popular, increasing its fans tenfold. Perhaps even a hundredfold.

Naturally, the Internet did its thing, and memes sprouted all over the place. Some are awesome. Some are just plain bad. Others are overused.

For this week’s Fandom Friday, we bring you some funny LoTR memes. We tried to find the less popular ones mixed with a bit of ‘mainstream’ memes.

LoTR fans, happy Friday!

Funny LoTR memes

1. LoTR marathon

As long as the movies are, they probably have one of the highest re-watch values in all of moviedom. Personally, I can’t do LoTR marathons more than twice a year. That’s not because I don’t want to, but time just doesn’t allow it. Still, with Memorial Day weekend coming up, this is an opportunity to get your LoTR marathon on.

Suggestion: Prepare lots of food for First Breakfast, Second Breakfast, and so on.

Terms and conditions

Bilbo Baggins may have more quirks than the average hobbit, but he does pay attention to details. This meme has had its share of attention, but it’s worth adding to this list simply because…when was the last time you actually read the terms and conditions?

I am Gandalf the White

He may disappear when most needed, but he does reappear when he’s even more needed. Eagles and all.

I love this meme because of its reference. Tell me, how would Gandalf look if he were a hipster of today? (More than in this image)


Of all the funny LoTR memes, Boromir is probably the most overused. Then again, it is quite understandable. Boromir is Boromir, but I don’t know about you, some of it is getting old. However, Boromir has spoken. Once you pop, you can’t stop.

Chuck Norris and Mordor

There are people who think Chuck Norris is God’s gift to man, and yours truly may or may not be one of them. This mashup beats all walking into Mordor memes in my opinion. What say you?

Frodo and Mordor

Okay, fine. This detail has been buried under the pile of Mordor jokes. Frodo did get into Mordor, although I think I’m not far off the mark when I say that he kind of snuck in instead of walking into the enemy’s stronghold. So am I right, or am I right?

Natural Gollum

Let Gollum show you how it’s done. No filter FTW.

This is what Gollum thinks of certain celebrities. He doesn’t think they’re precious. At all.

The Homonculus

The next time someone questions what you do, take Leonard’s lead. That should end the conversation.

Orcs and exercise

While I don’t think the score is exactly conducive to running, thinking of chasing orcs – or being chased by orcs – should make you run like hell. At least you’ll get fit.

LoTR jokes

I’ll just leave this here.

Do you have any funny LoTR memes that we probably haven’t heard of? Share them with us!

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