Hey, Supernatural fans. Don’t think we’ve forgotten about you, one of the biggest fandoms on earth.

This week on Fandom Friday, we bring you some awesome Supernatural fan art.

You’re welcome.


sam supernatural

“Sam (Jared Padalecki) Dry Brush on A4 Canson paper brushes, black oil painting and eraser”



dean supernatural

What’s up with the cat? The artist says it’s just because he likes cats. So who cares if there’s no cat in the show?

This illustration is a beauty.


The Winchesters Do Laundry

supernatural fan art

Because even the Winchesters need to do laundry, or perhaps, especially the Winchesters.

The artist talks about her technique:

This piece was created with Photoshop CS, Painter Essential Pro and Illustrator. I drew the whole thing with Photoshop CS using a basic brush (it’s a default brush, with an opacity of about 30%) and added all the tiny details with the Chalk tool of Painter (eyes, hair, clothes stitches, etc…). I also used the Acrylics brush for, for instance, Sam’s jacket and Dean’s shoes. At the end to give a “dirty” effect I added with the stamp tool a texture I easily created myself: I took a dirty piece of paper full of coffee and ink stains, scanned it and used it as a texture.


Supernatural Caricature

supernatural fan art

From doing laundry to doing business – caricature-style.


Dean and Cas

supernatural fan art

No words. Drama, yes.

Seriously, though, take one look at the drawing, and it’s as if you were there – feeling the emotions yourself.


Supernatural in the Middle Ages

supernatural fan art

Wouldn’t it be so cool to have the brothers go back in time? There were definitely enough monsters, evil spirits, and what-have-you in that era for the Winchesters to go after!



superwholock crossover

I just had to include this. Perhaps the best fandoms of all time put together. Should be a nice writing prompt for fan fic writer, yea?


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