Fandom Friday: The Best Doctor Who Apparel We Saw This Week

We were all devastated when news of the “delay” of next season of Doctor Who was announced. Or, more like Capaldi style…

But, oh well. Nothing we can do about it but read everything and anything about Doctor Who that’s written under the sun. This article’s really good, though: 5 things Peter Capaldi thinks you should know about Doctor Who series 10.

Or, we can do a re-watch, starting with classic Who even. As for me, personally, I have to catch up. I am waaay behind, so I kind of welcome this extended break. Sorry, guys.

But there’s also another distraction that takes away some of the impatience – Doctor Who shopping, of course! 

This week, I’m sharing some of the best Doctor Who apparel I saw on Etsy. Yeah, watching episode after episode has given me the “buy Doctor Who stuff” itch. Well, I’m not going to “suffer” from this itch alone, so take a look at my finds. Shop away!

The Best Doctor Who Apparel I Found This Week

Vintage-style TARDIS Dress

This vintage style dress is handmade with 100% printed medium weight cotton. Zipper closure in the center back of the dress along with hook and loop at the very top.

You can order to fit your size except that the maximum is 39″ bust and a 34″ waist.

 TARDIS Dress for Little Girls

Forget pink princess dresses! This TARDIS dress is pure awesomeness.

Dalek Dress

Spring clean your wardrobe. Exterminate your old dresses and get this kick ass Dalek dress.

Dalek Exterminate T-shirt

One of the best designs of a Dalek t-shirt I’ve seen. The good thing is that it comes in women’s style, too.

Are You My Mummy? T-shirt

The Empty Child is not the scariest “enemy” of the Doctor, but the episode where he appears is my favorite, hands down. How can it not be, with the scene below? (Oh, and the fact that the 9th is my Doctor.)

Curious Forest Spirits – Totoro and Doctor Who Mashup

How can you not fall in love with this??? Imagine Totoro discovering the inside of the TARDIS for the first time.

Doctor Who and Little Prince Mashup

Another mashup that will tug at your heartstrings.

So there you have it. My picks for the best Doctor Who apparel this week. Have you found anything that can be added to this list? Let me know.

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