Four months till Star Wars VII hits the theaters. Can you wait that long? Not that you have any choice, but there’s a lot of material to keep you busy. There have been leaks for months now, trailers, and speculation left and right.

For Fandom Friday this week, we won’t go into all that. Instead, let’s highlight the work of hardcore Star Wars fans who have immense creative talent.

And where do we go for that? deviantART, of course.

Here is some of the best Star Wars VII fan art we’ve seen today. Enjoy!

Star Wars VII fan art from deviantART

First up, two pieces from Thuberchs

Inspired by the trailer, this piece is probably familiar to you all.

best star wars vii fan art
The Force Awakens

Who’s evil and who’s good?

best star wars vii fan art

Two more awesome pieces, this time from artist ornicar

Think Stormtroopers will hit this target?

best star wars vii fan art

This one is just beautiful, and not in the least because of the title.

best star wars vii fan art
No country for old men

SWGTCG: Hose Down

This is one deadly dude. At least judging by the artist rendition.

awesome star wars 7 fan art
Hose Down

Old Luke Skywalker

Different from the other styles in the list, but interesting nonetheless. What do you think?

awesome star wars 7 fan art
Old Luke Skywalker

Han Solo Concept

awesome star wars 7 fan art
Han Solo

There is potential for some passionate discussion about this rendition of Han Solo 30 years later, but he’s good old Harrison Ford. It’s really a matter of perspective and taste. What’s your take?

So there you have it – some of the best Star Wars VII fan art to brighten up your Friday. Got any other pieces of art you want to add?

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