Fandom Friday: These Super Mario Cakes Will Give You Energy to Beat Any Boss

You’ll have a lot of energy after eating these sugar-loaded cakes for sure. They’re awesome creations, but your waistline won’t be invincible. Unless you do what Mario does and run and jump as if your life depended on it.

But who cares about your waistline if you can have your cake and gobble it up, too?

Here are some of the yummiest-looking and coolest Super Mario cakes we’ve seen this week.

Cool Super Mario Cakes

1. Mario on top, lots of stars

2. Yoshi does it for me


3. Mario Kart


4. Super Mario Layer Cake


There are layer cakes, and there are level cakes (quotes from source). It’s a no-brainer where you’ll start cutting, isn’t it?

5. Mushroom Cake


Sometimes, a mushroom is all you need.

6. Super Mario Galaxy Cake


7. Yoshi Love

8. Mario and Peach


Getting hitched? This is the perfect inspiration.

9. Mario Coin Box

How cools is this? Although it would have been more impressive to have the box atop Mario…I don’t think physics would allow that, though.

10. Bowser Cake

Your chance to exact revenge. And yes, this should be served cold – I think.

11. Super Mario Cupcakes


Cupcakes may not be in with the cool crowd anymore, but I’ll take these Super Mario cupcakes any day. Just look at those awesome toppings! Sugar high. Sugar crash. It’s all worth it.

11. Yoshi Cupcake

If you like the cream frosting, then this cupcake will do the trick. Yoshi is still made of sweet fondant, though (at least it looks like that to me).

Planning a party soon? Why not choose one  (or two) of these coolest Super Mario cakes and impress every gamer guest? If you can’t bake, I’m sure you can coerce one of your friends with a Mario Kart mini-tournament.

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