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Fandom Friday: 7 Awesome Daryl Walking Dead Tattoos

We love us our tattoos, and when it comes to the point, Walking Dead tattoos are right up there. Most of the time, however, we tend to look at any and every tattoo related to the show and zombies.

This time around, I thought I’d sniff out some Daryl Walking Dead tattoos because, well, it’s Daryl.

This post is not about Daryl’s tattoos in the show, which has caused an uproar a couple years back, but real-life tatts which celebrate this tough guy, closet softie whom we all would take a bullet for. (Or a zombie horde attack? I’m not too sure about that.)

Awesome Daryl Walking Dead Tattoos

Let’s start with that face.

First up…can you believe the texture? I can’t even tell if it’s real or not. (Source)

Just as impressive, with the added touch of weaponry. (Source)

“Zombies behind you!”

Daryl: “Okay?”

On a serious note, the guy with this tattoo is one brave – and cool – dude. But, I guess that pain was worth it.


The next two are “lovely” representations of our favorite character’s weapon of choice.


I like this one because it’s full of symbolism and captures the essence of Daryl. It may not be as mindblowing at first glance, but the whole idea makes it one of the best tattoos for me. (Source)

The last two feature what may be the most versatile image you can get as a tattoo. The angel wings on Daryl’s vest have been the subject of speculation. What do they symbolize?

Theories range from “it’s a biker thing” to “Daryl is the angel of the group” to ” he redeemed himself”.

Whatever the case may be, the wings are now part of who he is.

Oh, and the crossbow, too. (Source)

This last one may seem underwhelming after all the ones that came before it, but the idea is so simple that it’s beautiful.

So, there you have some of the most awesome Daryl Walking Dead tattoos. Got any of your own to show off? C’mon, go for it!

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