Fandom Friday: Grimm Merchandise We Want

October 30 can’t come soon enough for Grimm fans. With season 5 just a few weeks away, it’s a great time to binge watch season 4 to refresh your memory.

An alternative: do some retail therapy to take care of your Grimm and/or Wesen withdrawal symptoms. We know how it feels.

Here is some Grim merchandise we want, and we have a feeling you’ll be wanting them, too.

Oh, and if you’re truly desperate for “real” fairy tale scoop, read this article. SPOILER warning, though.

Grimm merchandise we want

1. Grimm: Below the Surface: The Insider’s Guide to the Show (Grimm TV Tie in)

We know that the Brother Grimm’s iconic tales are dark and full of mystery, and that NBC’s Grimm is an awesome reflection of that. But, being the curious cats we are, we want to delve deeper into the inner workings of the show, right?

This paperback will take you behind the scenes – from the making of the episodes to the experiences of the actors to storyboards and sketches. It’s truly something a Grimm fan should have.


2. Grimm: Aunt Marie’s Book of Lore

Nick’s adventures all started when Aunt Marie appeared at his doorstep. He was happily living his life as a cop dealing with the ordinary when, out of the blue, weird things started to happen. But that’s when the fun begins.

And it all goes back to Aunt Marie’s Book of Lore, which contains the information Nick needs to battle the bad guys. He does have Monroe, but the wesen can only provide so much information.


3. Grimm Glow in the Dark Raceback Tank Top

This one’s for the girls. Whether you’re simply watching Grimm in the dark or you’re out for an evening run, this tank top will make sure you have that bit of light you need to see if a wesen suddenly comes out of nowhere. (Although I can see how that might not be a good thing, let’s just say it’s a cool top anyway.)


4. Grimm Glow in the Dark Pullover Hoodie

For the colder times ahead – winter is coming after all – this hoodie might be better than the top. Or, you can wear the hoodie on top of the top. Whatever floats your boat. This hoodie certainly floats mine.


5. Grimm Exotic Spice & Tea Shop Glass Jar

I can’t imagine a better jar to hold your spice collection (you have one, right?). Or, if you like tea, then your loose leaf tea. The 8-ounce jar is not too expensive, so you can buy a bunch at a time until you have enough to store all your stash.


6. Grimm 2.75 Inch Key Replica Pin

The key to it all. Right in your hands. How can you resist?


7. Grimm Blutbaden Crest Mug

As a tribute to our favorite Blutbaden, we saved this mug for last. The 10-ounce mug will let everyone know that you’re part of the family – although that can be a messy situation, as we’ve seen in some episodes.


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