Fandom Friday: Iron Man in Stained Glass

I guess that should technically be The Avengers, but hey, the chances are that Iron Man is the first Avenger that comes to mind anyway.

We got a tip from an awesome reader about Rick Daniels, who is a self-taught stained glass artisan.

All his work can be found in the repository called Martian Artwork, where you’ll find what might just be the Holy Grail of stained glass superheroes.

The Ferrum Sancti – Stained Glass Iron Man

It’s a specially commissioned piece, which costs a whopping $11,000!

If you look at the specs, though, the cost might be justified.


  • Measures 51″x35″
  • 11.916 square feet of glass
  • 258.827 linear feet of copper foil
  • 342 total pieces of glass
  • 14.4 linear feet of reinforced Zinc
  • 14.5 linear feet of reinforced steel rebar
  • 15.2 feet of braided reinforcement wire
  • 9.8 feet of strong line steel reinforcement line

7 lbs of 60/40 lead solder

Additionally, the artist says that it’s the largest and most complicated stained glass work he’s ever done. More details:

This piece took almost 2 years to see to completion. I worked out the design at my shop in Atlanta, then moved shops to a larger location where I was able to start cutting the glass. Then I got hit with a huge Christmas (I actually ended up refunded quite a lot of orders – at the time I was not able to handle close to 1000 orders on my own) that delayed construction. The glass survived two more shop relocations to Santa Monica and finally Tucson, where I was able to finish the piece.

So yeah, $11,000…

There’s also another version of Iron Man, which is cool but not as much as the previous one.

And here’s an Iron Man Stained Glass Mosaic.

As much as we’re supposed to be focusing on Iron Man today, we can’t ignore other pieces by Martian Glasswork.

There’s Wolverine.

Then there’s Halo Master Chief Spartan.

And if you need a boost…

Who wants some Link?

There’s more – and I mean more. Visit Martian Glasswork and feast your eyes.

Like stained glass art? Here: Nerd Glass: For Stained Glass Aficionados

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