Fandom Friday: Leonard Nimoy - A Lifetime of Love

Leonard Nimoy will always be Spock to most people, Star Trek fans or not.

What may not be as well known is how Leonard Nimoy, the man, has inspired the lives of those around him. Friends, colleagues, and even people who have not met him have all been touched by his life in one way or another.

As his friend and colleague George Takei said:

On that note, what we’d like to celebrate on Fandom Friday today is Leonard Nimoy the man, and not “merely” the Leonard Nimoy we know as Spock. (Although we could think of a hundred things that we’ve learned from Spock…)

Leonard Nimoy A Lifetime of Love

Fans will know that “A Lifetime of Love” is a collection of poems on the passage of life by Leonard Nimoy. The book is full of tender and soul-searching poetry that will give you insight on how the prolific artist saw life. Here is a poem he shared on Twitter, which exemplifies his inspiring view.

I have walked alone seeking answers
I have lived alone chasing dreams
I have tried to prove my worth to worthless judges
I have cried my pain in silent screams
I have been sometimes served a touch of kindness
I have wandered in golden fields of Grace
I have been released by honest laughter
I have touched the Western Wall of the Holy place.
I have soared alone above the cloud heads
I have walked the deep dark tunnels of earth
I have dines with mystics and with prophets
I have heard the pain of woman giving birth
I have been sought after as a teacher
I have been refused the laurel wreath
I have heard the thunder blast of sunrise
I have watched the final touch of death
I have played the rules set by the master
Though often I didn’t understand the game
I have worn more masks than I can remember
I have been a face without a name
And when like you I ask the final question
Who on earth am I supposed to be
I always come full circle to the answer, me, only me…always me.

Another quote from him, which truly fits the phrase “Leonard Nimoy – A Lifetime of Love”:

“We are the dreamers. We are the dancers. Life is the music. Love is the song.”

On Perfect Moments

One only has to look at his Twitter feed to realize that Leonard Nimoy had a positive outlook. His last tweet has – expectedly – become the most famous of his “sayings”, reminding us that while there may be lows in life, there can be perfect moments; but with realism in mind, he tells us that while they do not last forever, we can keep them in our memory.

Some more encouraging tweets from Leonard Nimoy.

Family is important

I realize it is a sweeping generalization, but most of the time, we hear about celebrities and their shenanigans. We don’t hear much about family – love, pride, and closeness. With Leonard Nimoy, it is not so. Maybe he was a nostalgic old sod, but he was a good one. He never shied away from tweeting about his family, and his pride cannot be hidden.

On equality

Leonard Nimoy believed in equality and he put his money where his mouth is.

In 2007, he published a photography book titled “The Full Body Project“, which showcased “images of full-bodied women, some of whom are involved in what is known as the “fat acceptance” movement”.


He criticized society’s obsession with the ideal, but unrealistic body.

The Conscience of Star Trek.

That’s what Leonard Nimoy was also called back in the 60s when he fought for Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) to get equal pay. Imagine what a ruckus that caused in that era!

LGBT ally

Ask his friends George Takei and Zachary Quinto. They will tell you just how staunch a supporter Leonard Nimoy was.

In so many ways, the actor, writer, painter, photographer, family man – the list goes on – lived a lifetime of love. He was indeed a rare man, someone we can all learn a thing or two from.

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