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Fandom Friday: Party Hardy - Serve It Up, Star Wars Style 

Chuba! “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has taken the world by storm—trooper that is. And now it’s time to host some big sporting events, a Star Wars party theme or even a Star Wars movie marathon.

Grab your friends and your little padawans for some intergalactic fun partying with some Star Wars serveware. Make sure everyone knows their cosplay costumes are welcome.

For the Beer Lover

While football season is over, your party would be incomplete without this awesome Yoda growler set and matching beer pint glasses, perfect for taking down to your local watering hole for a fill up for the next big game. Or get a personalized stein, or a whole set emblazoned with the names of your family and friends. Now all your friends can have their own ready for them in your cupboard or bar. Pour yourself a Guinness or Black and Tan and kick back knowing the Force is on your side (hopefully) for your favorite basketball team.

If Spirits Light-Saber You Up

Your growlers and beer mugs will look great served with a complementary shot of Fireball (of course) in appropriate Darth Vader shot glasses. Or, proudly display some Thomas H. Handy Sazerac whisky (which is similar in color to Fireball) in an etched Darth Vader decanter on a friendly BB-8 serving platter. OK, it’s not as classy as a fine wooden serving tray, but it’s sure cute.

For the Wine Aficionados

Don’t leave out the wine lovers when planning your Star Wars gathering. A cool stemware set is perfect for a party; the set of six features a different character. No need to put wine charms on these—everyone will remember “who” they are. A universal shape, these work for a summer glass of Riesling or a filet mignon dinner with a fine Washington Cabernet.

7 Geek Drinking Glasses

If wine is an art form for you, then gorgeous stemless planetary glasses are perfect for your best Pinot Noir. Representing the four planets, Alderaan, Dagobah, Hoth, and Tatooine and the Forest Moon and the Death Star, see how many of your guests can guess which planet they are holding.

It Can’t Be Five O’Clock All The Time

Too early for a beer or making cocktails? Turn your kitchen into a cantina and stock your cupboards with glasses of various sizes. Some simple 10 oz drinking glasses are all-purpose and are perfect for a Tatooine Sunrise or just some Blue Milk. Show your alliance for breakfast with Rebel juice glasses. Tomato juice will never taste more perfect. And be sure to surprise the kiddos with Yoda Soda (read: Hawaiian Punch) and X-Wing fighter ice cubes. (But let’s be honest, Star Wars-loving adults will love these too.)

For The All Out Star Wars Dinner Party

Don’t stop with the glasses, complement them with cool Star Wars dinner plates. Ok, they are melamine, but they would have been on the Millennium Falcon too – no breaking when the ship goes into warp. But you can go fancy with ceramic plates too. Serve a juicy Chipotle Cheeseburger and seasoned oven-baked Parmesan garlic fries on these and your guests will think you are out of this world. If you want to be the consummate host, use the Star Wars Cookbook to bake Wookie Cookies and whip up Boba-Fettucine. And don’t leave out the Yoda, Luke, and Darth forks, spoons, and knives because how rad is that?

Don’t Skip Dessert

It doesn’t matter what kind of Star Wars shindig you host — treats need to be involved and they need to be good. If you’re really talented, some Oreos and frosting can turn average cupcakes into Princess Leia look-alikes. Or get crazy and paint Darth Vader’s face on some giant marshmallows for a quick, sugary treat. For the not so talented party hosts (read: lazy folks like me) consider just buying some prepackaged mini pinwheel cinnamon buns and labeling them Princess Leia buns. Serve them with some ice cream in your Star Wars ceramic ice cream bowls (featuring R2-D2, Princess Leia, Darth Vader and Stormtrooper) and voila! the completion of a perfect Star Wars party.

This R2D2 BBQ Will Force You Out of the Basement

Last but not least, if you really want to be the talk of Tatooine, you need to invest in a R2-D2 refrigerator. No, it doesn’t project Princess Leia on your wall and there isn’t a complementary 3CPO, but it will supposedly hold some Bud Light or bottled water and bring it right to you for when your guests need to chill out and hang. According to Mashable, “the mobile refrigerator unit exhibits the familiar head swiveling moves of R2-D2, and chirps out the droid’s distinctive robot-speak series of beeps that Star Wars characters are somehow able to interpret.” Now that’s our kind of party.

This post was written by Marie Hartung, who has 15 years’ experience as an HR Manager and Diversity Consultant. She’s conducted case-study research on employee motivation and designed and developed innovative programs to attract and retain talent. She lives in Monroe, WA. Follow her on Twitter: @MarieHartung.

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