Is it November yet? Hang in there, boys and girls. Fallout 4 is within an arm’s reach now.

If you’re practically dying of impatience, here’s a lifeline. At least I hope so.

Enjoy this collection of some of the best Fallout fan art

1. The Euclid’s C-Finder

best fallout fan art

Drawn by artist Cristian Garcia. You’ll never feel cool again while smoking an ordinary cigarette.

2. The Behemoth

best fallout fan art

Artist Patrick Brown‘s thing is fan art, and his work shows he’s good at it. He describes this Fallout 3 piece:

As you can see I really wanted to make this one more threatening, plus I love drawing monsters so the Behemoth was fun haha. And I always like to add little links to the game, you can see the stash in the corner there, and a Deathclaw and Sentry Bot in the background.

Wouldn’t want to run into this monster in a dark alley. Or a lit one either.

3. Run!

best fallout fan art

Who would have thought running around in this desolate place would look so cool and quirky? Artist Alex‘s imagination and digital art skills make it so.

4. Fallout Power Armor Meet Metropolis Poster

best fallout fan art

How’s that for a t-shirt print? Get in touch with the artist here.

5. Fallout Pencil Art by Danyi Istvan

best fallout fan art

This dude is seriously talented. This piece makes you feel as if you were breathing in the dusty air in the game. Check out his gallery, where you’ll see more awesome art. And I mean awesome.

6. Bromance


Creator MaXKennedy calls it Fallout Romance. I guess it’s not gender specific but for some reason, I see males inside those suits. But who says I’m right? What do you think?

I think…they found love in a hopeless place.

7. Dogmeat and I

best fallout art

Another piece by Patrick Brown, this captures the classic duo – with a twist.

This is basically what my character looks like in the game.. I tried to make him look like Jason Statham hahaha! And the dog (Dogmeat) is sooo cool, It’s one of my favorite features about the game.. Just scoping out the wastelands, just me and my dog haha!

So does he look like The Stath?

If you feel like shopping: Fandom Friday: 20 Best Fallout Merchandise to Whet Your Appetite for Fallout 4

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