Fandom Friday: Valentine's Gifts for Dragon Lovers

Dragons are part of many a fandom, and it just doesn’t seem right not to have an exclusive post for these magnificent creatures. So okay, I am more than a hundred percent biased. I love dragons like nothing else.

If there is a dragon lover in your life, then on Valentine’s Day (or any other day for that matter), why not take your pick from these kick-ass gifts for dragon lovers?

Dragon Earcuff

Not everyone has a pierced ear, so this dragon earcuff is perfect for those people. And even if you do have piercings, you can still show your love for dragons by wearing this. Trust me, it’s worth it.

This particular earcuff is a little pricey because it’s made of solid sterling silver. You can find similar items for a cheaper price, but the quality is much lower.

Get a Dragon Earcuff for $159.

Silver Dragon Earrings

For those who have piercings, then these silver dragon earrings will do the trick. They’re also made of sterling silver. These earrings are made to order, so you better send in your order well in advance.

Get these Silver Dragon Earrings for $36.

Dragon Necklace

I think this piece of dragon jewelry is my favorite of the lot. The two-tone scheme fits perfectly, and this type of dragon is what I like the most. If you – or the person you’re gifting – have the same taste as I do, then there is no question about buying this necklace. And it’s at a very reasonable price, too!

Get a Dragon Necklace for $13.

Dragons French Barrette

Letting your hair down is fun and exciting, but a girl’s got to tie her hair up sometimes. The best accessory for that? This French Barrette comprised of frolicking dragons. Just lovely.

Get the Dragons French Barrette for $24.

Dragon Flask

We have to make sure we keep our poison of choice in the best flask, don’t we? Whether your dragon lover like rum, whiskey, gin, or vodka, this 6-oz. flask will keep it safe and in style. The flask is polished stainless steel.

Get a Dragon Flask for $22.95.

Silver Dragon T-shirt

Wear your dragon love loud and proud. This t-shirt is in silver, but you can also find it in other colors.

Get a Silver Dragon T-shirt starting at $17.

Dueling Dragons with Sword Wind Chime

It is relaxing to hear wind chimes tinkling on any afternoon – or morning for that matter. You can, of course, go for any wind chimes, but why do that when you can have dueling dragons? Don’t worry, you will still the tinkling sound and not the harsh, adrenaling-pumping noises that dueling dragons make.

Get the Dueling Dragons with Sword Wind Chime for $21.25.

Hour of the Dragon Clock

Is your friend always late? Get him this dragon clock, and he’ll have no excuse not to look at the clock and be late. Then again, he might get too caught up in staring at the clock and have an excuse anyway.

Get the Hour of the Dragon Clock for $36.

Lord of the Dragons Shower Curtain

Every time you take a shower, you go through a baptism of fire – albeit not in the traditional sense. In fact, I bet that having this shower curtain will make anyone want to take a shower more than usual.

Get Lord of the Dragons Shower Curtain for $89.

Lord of the Dragons Sheets

To match Lord of the Dragons shower curtain, these sheets are a must-buy. Pricey, definitely. Worth it, even more!

Get Lord of the Dragons Sheets starting at $148.

Celtic Dragon Drapes

Those with a penchant for Celtic dragons (and interior design, I suppose) will want these drapes on their windows. I think they’ll be perfect for a home library. If you don’t have one, who’s to stop you from using them in any other room in the house? One panel measures 44 inches by 88 inches, so you’ll probably have to get more than one.

Get Celtic Dragon Drapes for $26.94.

Disclosure: Amazon links are affiliate links.

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