#FandomFriday: 4 Best DC Arrow Characters (TV Show)


With only three episodes remaining for this season, Arrow fans are certainly sitting on the edge of their seats, at the same time dreading that day when the finale is aired.

I know I am.

The past several episodes has increased my stress levels, not to mention the urge to throw something at the TV because of the cliffhangers; but enough of that.

Today is Fandom Friday, and let’s look at The best DC Arrow characters – at least those in the TV show. You may or may not expect the people mentioned in this article, but each to his own, right?

Note: I am not including Oliver Queen/The Arrow and Felicity anymore, as they’re a given.

Best DC Arrow characters, in no particular order

1. John Diggle


A guy who stands by your side no matter what, but does not hesitate to speak his mind – also knows when to keep his gob shut. What else can you ask from a character in a superhero TV show?

Oh, and he’s a pretty badass fighter/shooter, too. But that’s not really what makes Diggle one of the best members of Team Arrow. It’s how he somehow serves as Oliver’s conscience, at the same time pushing him to the limits.

2. Maseo Yamashiro/Sarab


No one can’t help but like Maseo Yamashiro, the family man who would do anything to protect his family and help his friends – in spite of being “under the influence” of Amanda Waller. We only see this aspect of his life in flashback scenes, but in present day, Maseo has become one of Ra’s al Ghul’s most trusted men.

His inner struggle with who he was and what he is (or believe to be) now makes his character one of the best in the series. One moment he’s shooting arrows at innocent people. Another moment he’s helping Felicity and company escape Nanda Parbat. The next, he admits his guilt to Ra’s and offers his life as penance.

What’s he going to be like in the next three episodes as The Arrow turns into something I never really thought he would. (Although no one really knows at this point except the showrunners, I guess.)

3. Malcolm Merlyn


A detestable character, especially in the earlier seasons, Malcolm Merlyn does have one redeeming quality: he truly loves his daughter, as seen in the last couple episodes.

But is that enough to say he’s a good man? It depends on your worldview. After all, this is the same man who manipulated his daughter in ways I can hardly imagine a father doing.

What makes Malcolm a great character is that he is the epitome of a villain: he believes that what he is doing is right.

4. Slade Wilson


While I personally think that Manu Bennett is not the best actor out there, he portrays Deathstroke/Slade Wilson rather well. From the tough mentor in the island to insanely in love dude to the quietly scary businessman to the badass fighter, he is one to look out for.

He has been MIA for most of this season, but I’m going to bet that his comeback is going to be an explosive one. After all, he’s not one to allow Oliver Queen the victory without a fight.

What do you think of these choices? Who’s missing, or who should be excluded?

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