#FandomFriday: 5 Sherlock Infographics for the #Sherlocked

Sherlock is one of the biggest fandoms out there, especially considering the fact that it has a lot of versions.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock undoubtedly takes the number one spot, but Jonny Lee Miller’s Elementary is not far behind (surely also because of Lucy Liu). Then there’s Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock.

Bearing all these in mind, I’ve taken a look at some Sherlock infographics that will make your Friday even better. If you’ve been Sherlocked, that is.

Look the Part

Before we can go any further, we need to look the part, don’t we? Guy or gal, the scarf is an important part of being part of the Sherlock fandom. Here’s how to tie a scarf like Sherlock.


221B Baker Street

221B is a special “number” to all Sherlock fans, and it is but fitting to know all the details about the apartment. It may not be bigger on the inside like the TARDIS, but you will need some time to go through every nook and cranny.


Hardcore Sherlock fans, what do you think of this? Is it accurate?

Sherlock’s Resume Infographic

There’s been a rise in interest in resume infographics, and unsurprisingly, someone in that niche had to jump into the Sherlock bandwagon. Below is Sherlock’s resume infographic.


So does he stand out? Would you hire him? (Should I even have asked???)

Fact-checking Sherlock

This infographic is supposed to tell you everything you need to know, but you might find it lacking. Did you know, though, that Sherlock Holmes first appeared in print in 1887 and has been played by 75 different actors in over 200 films?

Here’s more trivia that you may not know.


A Guide to Modern Sherlockania

I have to admit I’ve never used the term “Sherlockania” before, but why not? If you’re obsessed enthralled by the modern Sherlocks, this is the infographic for you. Interestingly enough, while the infographic uses the word “modern”, it does not include Elementary. Perhaps the show is too modern for the creators.

The infographic compares BBC’s Sherlock, RDJ’s Sherlock, and Sherlock from the books. It’s interactive, so have fun clicking!

Here’s more good stuff:

Will You Make the Cut as Sherlock’s Assistant? [QUIZ]

When Sherlock Met the Doctor

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