Ever heard of FanPimp? Chances are, you haven’t. That’s because they are a marketing company that promotes music, movies, and video games on a grass roots level for the 21st century. Basically, they have a website template that they sell that offers companies an interesting way to promote a new artist, movie, or game.

This template offers a structured method to encourage people to spread the word about these things. It bears some similarities to the Gratis Internet and OfferCentric sites that are so popular right now, in that it offers people an easy way to earn freebies. The various FanPimp sites allow visitors to earn points that can be redeemed for various merchandise (usually related to whatever is being promoted ).

Unlike and similar sites, the "prizes" with FanPimp that are easiest to get are not extremely high value items like ipods or flat screen tv’s. Secondly, the points are a good bit easier to get than most of the sites out there right now, because you don’t have to sign up for any offers that will require a credit card. You don’t even have to refer anybody (although that is sort of the idea behind the whole thing).

Most of the FanPimp sites give you points for simple things, like reading the site’s news, for example. You can also earn points in various other ways ranging from designing banners to referring friends to the sites. At least one of the current sites will even give you points for downloading free mp3s or watching videos from bands on the site. Then, once you have some points, you can spend them on things like T-Shirts, posters, video games or autographed merchandise. As you can probably guess, the T-Shirts and posters are the easiest type of items to get. Some of the sites let you earn enough points in just a few minutes by doing nothing but reading the site’s news that you can earn a t-shirt.

Currently, FanPimp is promoting a band called Eisley, a country group called Big and Rich, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (due out in March :drool:), the Dawn of the Dead& Land of the Dead movies, a music site called Insound, a new sci-fi movie called Serenity, and a video game called Darkwatch. In the past, they have "Pimped" the bands Jet and Yellowcard, as well as the newest Liesure Suit Larry and the PS2 game Viewtiful Joe. I was able to order a Darkwatch (new Vampire video game for PS2 and XBox) T-Shirt within a few minutes by doing nothing more than reading the news and playing the site’s trivia (although, I should mention that I haven’t actually received the shirt yet so I can’t 100% vouch for legitimacy until I do). It really couldn’t be easier if you have some time on your hands. Plus, you might just find out about something cool in the process. Let us know if you find any new FanPimp sites that haven’t been mentioned here.

On another note, those of you who are into the type sites might want to also check out (an OfferCentric site) as well as this conga site. A PVP, in case you didn’t know, is a Portable Video Player (i.e. Creative’s Zen, the iRiver PMP-120, or the Archos AV420). Ten referrals needed.

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