Fans and collectors: do you buy DVD box sets or individual discs?

By andy

This might seem like a slightly off-the-wall topic to be discussing, but today I was wondering whether fans of particular TV shows or films with multiple sequels buy the DVDs as they are released or wait for the box set.

If you BitTorrent them, rent or buy them online, this doesn’t apply to you. However, if you still like to have the shiny discs, extras and cover notes, it’s an important consideration.

Of course, if you’re buying DVDs while a series is still running, you probably can’t get the box set, but if you’re buying something that’s no longer in production, there’s likely to be a box set going.

Unless you find a special offer, a large box set could be pretty expensive.

If you have to get a fix of your programme, do you buy one or two series at a time and build up your own collection?

Or, do you try to hold out until you can afford the box set or someone like Amazon heavily discounts it?

I know that my Amazon wish list has been full of box sets, with my hope that generous relatives will splash out on such a collection.

The additional problem this presents is that, if you’re hoping for a gift of the whole set, buying anything individually is a complete waste.

And woe betide any relative who buys one or two DVDs for you.

Then we have special editions. That’s a whole new ballgame that I’m sure die-hard collectors wince about, because deep down we know that it’s mainly about keeping the money making wheels turning.

So, what’s your take on this? Am I living in the dark ages and really should just be downloading everything onto my hard drive?

Regardless, I’m hoping for some complete box sets in three days’ time. How about you?

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