Fascinating Facts About Ninjas That Might Interest You

When you hear the word ninja, you probably think about all the movies and animes that you have watched. You probably think of them as a myth that was created to entertain audiences and present them with a new culture.

As a matter of fact, they exist and originated in Japan. They were called Shinobi and no one referred to them as ninjas until the 20th century.

There are a lot of hidden truths about them that you may be interested to know if you are a fan. Read on.


The Iga and Koga ninjas originated from these provinces and it was ideal for them due to their location which provided ninjas with the privacy and terrain they needed to train. They believed that everything has a spirit and an aura.

They were not talking only about living organisms, but about mountains and trees, and the whole of nature as well. They also believed that we all have hidden spiritual powers, and that if we were able to reach and access them, we would be able to go beyond our human restrictions.

Later on, ninjitsu was brought to light by them to protect their villages and clans after wars. They wanted to overcome their fear by exposing themselves to harsh situations. For instance, they exposed themselves to freezing climates, deserts, and tried to pass through the fire to challenge and discipline themselves. The combination of the strong faith they had in nature and their bodies’ endurance, resulted in the legends we hear about to this very day.

Fighting Techniques

They didn’t plan on being mercenaries nor fighters, but the unfair rules and prosecutions they were subjected to obligate them to use their techniques as self-defense, and later on, as a profession from which they earned income from.

They were widely known for their art of stealth, which meant they had the ability to hide while being in plain sight. They learned how to calm their breathing to a point where it would be unnoticeable and tip-toe to have the upper hand on their enemies.

Furthermore, they were mainly trained for indirect combat from afar. The most famous long-range weapon they used was the throwing stars known as Shuriken. Japanese fanatics at  https://www.tbotech.com/ninjagear.htm specialize in ninja supplies, and this can really help you delve deeper into understanding how and why the ninja’s used these weapons. True discipline and practice along with the right gear have always been the perfect combination that has always made ninjas as popular as they are.


They invented the rice method to deliver messages between different agents. The female counterparts of ninjas who were called kunoichi painted the rice with different colors that represented the phonetics of the Japanese language.

It was a smart means of communication because after receiving the message, they left them to decompose in the humidity or threw them in the rivers, making it impossible to decipher.


The ninjas have always had a unique way of telling and keeping time. Stray cats proved useful for spies as they knew the time by looking at the cat’s eyes. As opposed to night, when they become so wide, in the morning, where the sun is shining bright, they get narrower. At noon, their eyes become narrow like a needle.

Ninjas used that knowledge along with checking an hourglass as well to help them keep track of time.

Deadly Women

Back then, women were feared and worshipped for their skills and mischief. They knew how to hide their weapons and when to attack. You often see women wearing tiaras or hair accessories that are innocent-looking, the difference between then and now is that ninja’s accessories were lethal. Moreover, they dipped beautiful hairpins in poison to be used for assassinations.

Women formed an underground organization that trained other females to become stealthy and sneaky. Moreover, they infiltrated enemies’ and rivals’ territories by posing as maids or servants. They started revolutions and removed rulers from their positions. They were truly fear-inducing.


In the popular culture, you identify a ninja by the black robe and mask covering their skin entirely. This actually couldn’t be farther from the truth as they used to dress exactly like regular farmers and healers. They wanted to blend in with the crowd and always stay undetected, so what’s the best way other than dressing just like peasants? Their main purpose was gathering information so it didn’t make sense to wear outfits that make them stand out.


Skilled ninjas passed down their techniques to their children and grandchildren who they deemed worthy. Each clan was secretive about its teachings and refused to reveal their secrets to other ninjas. Their legacy still continues to this day but they are becoming extinct because of how historians didn’t record their history correctly, mainly due to the fact that they belonged to the lower class.

The fascinating information mentioned here represents the truth behind how the ninjas came to be and what they represented. You just need to dig deeper into the Japanese culture. It is full of wonders, forgotten heroes, and fighting techniques as well as fascinating weapons.

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