It’s an age-old debate that will certainly eat at any horror movie lover’s brains. What is the best type of movie zombies? Are they the “arms out lurchers” from classic films or speedy killers from more recent blockbusters? Seasoned zombie movie lovers are split on which two is more accurate and many a feud has been sought on the subject.

This topic may seem a bit trivial to anyone who isn’t a fan of the gory and macabre but pressing viewers want to know: which is the real zombie? Read on to find the pros and cons of this dispute and make your executive decision.

Hordes of Graveyard Ghouls

Arguably, some of the best zombie movies of all time (Night of the Living Dead, anyone?) feature slow-moving zombies that travel in packs to seek out brains. These classic monsters are easily evaded by running away but they always seem to find a human eventually.

While slow-moving zombies are classic and worthy of decades of Halloween costumes, new movie fans may argue that they’re not scary enough. Some may argue it’s less laughable to believe the dead will rise from the ground and easier to fall victim to a flesh-craving virus.

Look Out for the Walkers!

The movie zombies in flicks like 28 Days Later and World War Z are vicious and certainly have practiced their cardio. These independent creatures set after their goals and absolutely sprint to devour helpless victims. As Movieranker puts it, “we are introduced to a different breed of zombie that is filled with manic energy and can run at top speed.” The real world fear of infection and catastrophe has made these zombies the new normal: they’re simply sick humans gone wrong.

However, zombie movie purists scoff at the idea of a semi-functioning monster who turns bloodthirsty. Red-eyed and revved up on caffeine, fast-moving zombies seem to know their way around a gym with an all too easy bite of protein at the end. Still, those who fancy themselves prepared for the zombie apocalypse by guarding against slow-moving monsters may find themselves overwhelmed by the fast ones.

How Different are the Two Anyway?

zombies remake dawn of the dead zack snyder 2004

Slow moving zombies seem to sprout from graveyards to wreak havoc. Speedy zombies are generally a product of their environment.

Fast-moving zombies are way too speedy to take out easily. You can shoot aimlessly into a horde of slow movers to knock ’em out.

Slower zombies resemble a decaying corpse; faster monsters can look like a demonic version of your next door neighbor.

Classic horror zombies take years to emerge from the graves. Modern zombies can be turned with a single virus.

Why Can’t We Make a Compromise?

zombies george romero dawn of the dead

Slow-moving and faster zombies have a few things in common that all horror lovers can agree on.

1. They transmit the “zombie” infection and/or undetermined zombie effect via bites and/or blood.

2. They can’t easily be killed without trauma to the brain. Movies like Evil Dead show a simple limb can take the qualities of a zombie.

3. Both types of zombies can cause grief when they’re in the form of a loved one. We all felt sympathy when Shaun from Shaun of the Dead had to make a hard decision.

And the Verdict is…

Most hardcore zombie movie fans lean towards slow-moving zombies as the speed walkers don’t actually count as the walking dead. While faster zombies emit some hellish jumpscares, slow walkers depict the horrors of mortality.

We can all agree that the best zombie movies are great for a night with popcorn and the lights low. It’s the viewer’s choice who’s deadlier.

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