Fastloader 0.7 Released for Sony PSP

Anyone interested in running UMD isos has certainly heard of this. This software has been around for quite a while, but since it’s the first time it’s being mentioned on FG I’ll explain what it does.

Fastloader allows you to run PSP ISOs directly from your memory stick, to do so you simply create an ISO folder in the root of your memory stick and stick the images there, then you boot up Fastloader and select the ISO you want to run.

What’s really great about this software is that the game list that is compatible is very big, compared to any other loader out there.

To install it it simply copy and past the PSP folder onto your memory stick or stick the FASTLOADER and FASTLOADER% folders into X:\PSP\GAME\ Where X is of course your drive letter.

Note: Do not ask where you can get ISOs from here or on the forums, you will not be answered and your post will be deleted. If you don’t own the UMD of the ISO you downloaded you have to delete the file in less than 24 hours. FG is not responsible for what or how you choose to use this program.

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