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The Ferrofluid Clock Is Proof That Science And Art Can Get Along

Every once in a while some of the craziest and most brilliant minds of Earth make a masterpiece by playing with the rules of physics. Such a phenomenon has led to some beautiful creations which would not have been conceived without scientific understanding. One such creation is the ferrofluid clock by MTR or Matt Robison.

Before we dive in, we have to understand what ferrofluids really is. It’s pretty much a magnetic liquid that can be controlled by magnets. Ferrofluid is similar to mercury but is more synthetic as it first came into existence back in the 1960s when the National Aeronautics and Space Administration needed a way to easily load rocket fuel in a weightless environment.

Hence, they invented ferrofluid which was pretty much magnetic rocket fuel. Now, don’t worry as MTR itself has made changes to the liquid that the ferrofluid clock uses so that it became non-toxic and non-flammable. Here it is in action:


In essence, the ferrofluid clock works like a regular clock but with a more mesmerizing mechanism. You basically separate the ferrofluid blob into two where one acts as the minute hand and the other acts as the hour hand like a traditional analog clock.

The ferrofluid clock is MTR’s passion project and is available for crowdfunding via Kickstarter; it has also surpassed its goal of $7,500 where a minimum donation of $299 will get you your very own clock.

It comes in an oak finish with a metal frame and a clock face that is interchangeable. That means you can customize the ferrofluid’s clock face to your liking if you get bored of the particular template. There’s no other more creative use for rocket fuel, might want to grab yours before the ferrofluid clock blasts off.

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