Watch These "Bad" Fictional Games and Have a Laugh

Robert Penney is a graphic designer who uses his love of vintage/retro ascetic and his obsession with music to create era-specific designs for CD compilations. In his spare time, he also creates pixel art to capture the magic of 80s/early-90s video games.

Below are some of his creations, which will surely brighten your day. Check out more of his work on his website.

Stephen King’s IT: The Hide & Seek Adventure

A fictional video game of Stephen King’s IT, designed in 1990 as a tie-in to the mini-series by a team who likely never saw it – or even read the book. Marketed to children, IT: The Hide & Seek Adventure was a glitchy mess, butchered King’s material and suffered from rushed development to meet a Christmas deadline.

Rogue One: Scarif Beach Resort Building Simulator

A fictional SNES-era Star Wars Rogue One tie-in and a pastiche of Sim City-style building simulators and ‘tycoon’ games. A cynical parody where money and profits come first, even on the untouched paradise of Scarif. So bulldoze those trees and start building some coffee shops!


Terrible platform game which ignores the thriller aspect of film by translating it into a bizarre sci-fi action game. What awaits is a barrage of cliché enemies such as snakes and bats (in space?!)

Stranger Things: Point-and-Click Adventure

Stranger Things spoofed as a point-and-click game gone wrong. Needlessly precise and frustrating.

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