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Fictional Holidays From Our Favorite TV Shows and Movies

It’s strange how connected we become to our favourite TV shows and movies when the fictional settings are worlds apart from our everyday lives. You don’t see us riding dragons or visiting different galaxies so why do they resonate so much with us. Well truth is beyond the superhero powers and cool storylines, many of these fictional universes contain the same things we hold dear in some form.

One aspect of our lives that remains in popular culture worlds is public holidays and special celebrations. Vanilla Reindeer decided to take a look at some of these strange yet fascinating fictional holidays and showcase them with some cool and creative greeting cards.

Our Favorite Fictional Holidays

Whacking Day – The Simpsons

Whacking Day is an annual event whereby townspeople herd snakes into the town centre before they beat them to death. There’s quite a gruesome hymn the villagers would also sing about cracking the snake’s skulls and breaking their backs. In the episode where this holiday was first shown, Lisa and Barry White club together to help save the snakes.

Life Day – Star Wars

From the Star Wars Holiday Special, we learned Life Day was a family celebration respected by the Wookiees. It is about celebrating their culture and some may suggest it resembles our version of Christmas Day as presents are exchanged and families sit down to dinner together.

House Cup – Harry Potter

After each school year, Hogwarts announces the winners of the House Cup. Students earn points for their house by good behaviour but equally, they can lose points by casting spells on people and trying to sneak out to the forbidden forest after bedtime – normal school misbehaviours.

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The Festival Of The Mother – Game Of Thrones

This is a religious event dedicated to the Mother and it resembles our very own celebration of Mother’s Day. It is celebrated throughout the Seven Kingdoms.

First Contact Day – Star Trek

Set the date in your diary because as of 5th April 2063 we will celebrate an annual event honouring when humans first met Vulcans in Bozeman, Montana. Kids will have the day off school so you may want to think about childcare too.

Coupon Day – Jurassic Park

While we don’t know if this actually became an event, it was discussed by the owner of Jurassic Park when looking at how to make the park more accessible for the masses. We wonder how much an excursion with the dinosaurs would set you back.

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