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The Periodic Table of Fictional Metals and Alloys

Unique periodic tables are among a few of our favorite things, and if you’ve been following us, you’ll know that we’ve covered more than our fair share…check out a few.

If you want more, we’ve got lots more periodic tables for you.

But we’re not done, there’s something new that caught our eye, and there’s no way that you won’t enjoy it, too.

Introducing the Periodic Table of Fictional Metals and Alloys. It does have some similarities to other periodic tables featuring fictional elements, but this takes things to a whole new fun level.

It features all sorts of fictional metals (that we know are real anyway), from Adamantium (of course) to TARDIS’s makeup. It covers a wide range of material from TV, literature, comics, games, mythology, and films.

Even better, it’s interactive, giving you more information when you click on a metal. There’s Valyrian Steel, which we’re all familiar with.

And then there’s Badassium.

There’s plenty more where that came from, so check it out. For sure, you’ll have fun discovering new metals and adding to your stock knowledge.

See The Periodic Table of Fictional Metals and Alloys.

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