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Finally, a Way For Geeks to Afford the Collectibles They Want!

One of the worst parts about being a geek who is into collectibles is being a geek who is into collectibles. Anyone on this site right now knows just what I am talking about. Most geeks relish in having replicas and collectibles that are relics of their favorite shows from their childhood or from a movie that completely influenced their lives.

Problem is, collectibles (ESPECIALLY geek collectibles) are not cheap. If you want some high-quality stuff (which, let’s all admit, we ALL do) you can sometimes look at spending thousands, and who has an extra couple thousand constantly budgeted for that one killer, life-sized Deadpool replica that you know is waiting for you somewhere out there? No one I know. Being a geek may be lucrative (tech support, I.T, etc) but it’s also expensive as hell sometimes.


There is a solution out there for people who may want to pick up some cool geek stuff without having to worry about their spouse leaving them because they spent two months grocery budget on what non-collectors see as toys (I know it hurts, it hurts me too to have to type it, but we have to keep it real and all geeks know they have been talked down to about collectibles during at least ONE point in their lives).

Well, we may have found a solution to that very problem.

Why So Expensive?

You cannot really imagine the reaction you get from someone when you tell them you want to spend two hundred bucks on a Joker figurine by Neca (the geek ‘toy’ gods) or that, God forbid, you want a real-life Spider-Man suit that costs over a thousand dollars, they will roll their eyes so far back in their skulls that, for a brief moment, they will be able to see their own  feeble brains. The question that usually follows when you mention being into collectibles is:

Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection | Switch Launch Trailer

“Why would you want to spend that much money on something you won’t use and will probably keep in a box?”

Or some variation thereof. But here’s the thing, you are a grown-up (if you can afford that stuff) and you REALLY don’t have to justify this hobby to anyone at all and the other thing is, are you walking around asking all the modern day millennials why they spend two thousand dollars a year on double half-caf choco mocha latte drinks from Starbucks?

No. We are adults, dammit. If this is what we are into, this is what we are into, and if people aren’t into that, well, they can sod off.

There is another aspect of collectibles ‘outsiders’ really don’t fathom…

They Are Investments (That Almost ALWAYS Increase in Value Over Time)

So let’s say you wanted to go all in and buy this Batmobile from the classic Adam West TV show? Will it cost you a pretty penny? Yes, very much so. But you know what else would happen? Batman (whose popularity only grows bigger every year) fans would start clamoring for that car, and if you put in the investment and treated it right, you could easily turn it around and make an extra ten thousand yourself down the proverbial road.

Hell, if you had bought the very first issue of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book for ninety-nine cents, that same book would catch you close to two hundred dollars profit right now, easy, and that is just a comic book about turtles who are ninjas. Now think about the turn around on HUGE collectibles. Yes, you may lay down five grand to buy them, but you can turn that five into fifteen if you know what you’re doing.

So this leads to the next question. How do all us geeks help AFFORD these things without having to go broke?!

Well, come to find out…

We Found the Solution!

You may have crappy credit, but you WANT that damn (insert the name of your dream geek collectible here) so how do you LEGALLY get the money for it, real talk? Well, Lending club is essentially an online bank of sorts (broker might be a better fit) and they are VERY LENIENT in areas other lenders are not. In other words, they don’t care that you want the loan to buy a piece from the original Millenium Falcon prop. They don’t judge if you want to buy Judge Dredd’s helmet off Etsy. They just wanna help get you there.

Whereas 99% of banks want to hear you are putting their money into a house or remodeling or similar nonsense, that should be of no issue when looking for a loan, and Lending club does not put people through that hassle.

After we had read some objective Lending club reviews, it became evident to us that they could very well be a geek’s dream come true. They ask for very little information (basic stuff, IRS documentation, proof of income, proof of work, I.D, etc), they do not put you through a trial by fire, and the turn around won’t break the bank at all.

You could literally be days away from having a loan approved for…well, the beauty of lending club is, whatever you want it for.

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